This month’s selections are from the pages of Exotic Magazine itself...(with one exception). Since a lot of local companies are getting on the web, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some...

The Hideaway
This site maintains its existence by advertising phone sex (with ads aplenty...) There's a rather nice (and free!) collection of pictures available for download.Not as hardcore as I would like, but the CDA has scared a lot of those off the net... (I wish someone would teach him how to make a seamless background, though. The sharp lines in the background are distracting.)

Movo Media inc.
Movo specializes in “Phone Dating Lines”. You can put up a personal ad for free via a number they provide and then people can pay to listen to your ad if they are looking for someone to get involved with. The web site is a city-by-city index of all their phone numbers (and they have a lot) and information on how to contact them. Since they specialize in voice mail, the web site is mostly a number directory. It does look like they are planning on expanding it beyond that, though. Much nicer design than the last dating service site I saw on the net.)

X Publishing
They claim to publish some magazines or something...

Northwest Gentlemen’s Club Guide
Looking for a place to go? The Northwest Gentlemen’s Club Guide has listings for most of the strip clubs in the Northwest. The listings are pretty small in most cases, there's enough information to find your way there. You'll find name, address, phone number, if they have a full bar (always important), and if they are full nude or just topless (even more important). There is also a large index of adult links. You have to have a browser that understands forms to be able to use the adult links section. If your browser has problems with that section, time to upgrade to something made in the last year or so.

All You Can Eat
A really nice web site. Clean, clear graphics on a black background. Not eye scorching or obnoxious. These people sell X-rated tapes. Lots of titles covering a lot of ground. They carry some older titles that may be hard to find elsewhere. (Classics of the porn industry like Curse of the Catwoman, Debbie Does Dallas and Caligula or just hardcore smut like gang bangs, anal orgies, and various other films to give a judge an erection.) They also carry CD-ROM's. It looks like they have weeded out the crummy stuff and just carry fairly good quality titles.

Well, this is my last column for a while. My time has been swallowed up by that quest for the almighty web dollar. It has been a lot of fun getting paid for unearthing lots of smut (good, bad and painful) for all you crotchpotatoes out there. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. I can still be reached at “” if you have any comments.

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