Monkey Gang Bang
Notorious Productions
Starring: Lexi Leigh, Mercedes, Buck Adams, Billy Zoom, Tommy Gunn, Arnold Swarzenpecker...

This is a truly bizarre little video that I found myself liking against my will. It features weird cinematography, absolutely no plot , and faux talking animals; three reasons to see this video burned in large, sufficiently dramatic bonfires in towns across the country. Fortunately, these serious flaws are redeemed by occasionally funny dialogue and an absolute refusal to take itself seriously.

Our director has a long, involved, and intellectually well-balanced conversation with a Rhesus monkey. The monkey, through the magic of clever editing and a soundtrack apparently supplied by a stoned college student., suggests what a lower primate would like to see in a porn flick; Our Director, being as much a lower primate as anyone, seizes the idea and takes it to his co-purveyor of porn.

We then see a long, long hallway. At the end is a door prominently labeled “Assistant Director” in gold lettering. From behind the door we hear incoherent screaming with an occasional lucid phrase thrown in. “You and the monkey decided to do what?” and comedy ensues. Before you know it, we’re onto our primate-driven sex scene of pulchritude.

There’s just one 25-minute sex scene, as our little trouper Lexi Leigh does it with six guys in every orifice she’s got, with the occasional side-shot of a monkey with clever lip-syncing. We are occasionally treated to a camera view with the caption “Monkey Cam”, but if that footage was shot by anyone other than an at least a homo erectus, then I’m a homo habilus. This exhaustive sex scene also inexplicably features bananas; At no point are bananas mentioned by either of the monkeys, the director, or any of the participants; nor are they, in fact, eaten or used in any intimate sex act.. They are, however, smeared randomly about the place. Even the monkeys seem a little puzzled.

Watch it with someone with a sycthelike sense of humor; you won’t regret it.

Bacchus Releasing
Starring: Julie Rage, Missy, Tricia Deveroux, Alex Dane, Holly Body, Vince Vouyer, Kyle Stone...

I have no idea if this was meant to be funny or not; but it certainly is.

The "plot" is actually pretty catchy. A Joe Average tells his perverse dreams to his psychologist. During the telling, of course, we flash back and get a surround-sound version of the hallucinogenic hootenanny. Much of the humor centers around a simple (and heavily used) sight gag: after each sultry scene ends, Joe is in an even more outlandish costume. He starts in jeans and a t-shirt, then wears a black cocktail dress, then is a Napoleonic general, then a Swiss Miss girl, replete with golden, oft-tweaked pigtails and a fiddly falsetto.

There's tons of explicit sex with humorous costuming throughout, it doesn't take itself too seriously, has some good videography and editing (the dream sequences are the best), and has a plot that intrudes exactly where it should and nowhere else. I give this flick a double thumbs-up.

One final postscript: I have never been able to figure out how exactly "Nektar" of any type figures into this video. I think the producer hooked a word with a good ring to it out the dictionary, screwed with the spelling a little to make it look fashionably odd and called 'er good. Watch and enjoy...maybe you'll be able to figure out the secret of Nektar.

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