Nurse Hell hasn't slept well the last three days. Hardly slept at all. She took on the graveyard shift, subbing for a sick nurse, because someone was admitted on her floor that she wants to tend to...after hours. Private. One-on-one. Wants to take care of him...badly.


Takes out her key. She's in. Searches refrigerator shelves. Snatches it up. Pure adrenal extract. Down the hall. Janitorial closet. Closes the door. Barricades the door. Dim 40 watt bulb. Ties off. Carefully blended with a little librium. Nitroglycerine handy just in case her heart explodes. Backs a little blood out. Plunges it in.

Hang on. Just hang on...Heaven. I'm in Heaven. Gotta go see him now.

Her heart and mind racing like a runaway train; all sight, sound and sensation amplified...ringing in her ears. Just breathing is pure animal joy. Bursts out of the closet. Beeline for the plexi-glass enclosed nurses' station.

Slides behind the desk dancing on air. Smiles seductively at the orderly, John. He pretends to be looking at a chart. She's already had him. Could have him again any time she wants. Makes sure he's ready for the view as she bends over to open her lower locker. Takes out a black nylon bag.

"Goin' to lunch, John. Page me if ya need me, big boy."

"Right, Lois. All's quiet?" he asks, sitting down.

"They're all sleeping like church mice."

"How's the new guy?"

"Meds seem to be working fine. He's quite coherent."

"What's he on?"

"Mellaril, Bepa Corte and Adavent...your basic anti-psychotic, make-the-mule-stop-kicking stew."

"Want me to check up on him?"

"No, no, no," she says, feeling her voice start to get away from her. Reels herself back in. "I just looked in on him and he's sleeping like a baby."

"Is he still strapped in?"

"Till the doctor says otherwise."

"OK. Go have your lunch."

"It's really quiet tonight...only seven patients. What do ya say if I ask ya to clock me back in at four? Give me to four fifteen or so to get back."

"I'd say you owe me one. Actually, more than one."

"You know how I like to owe you. And you know I'm good for it."

"Don't I ever."

"Maybe we can go out to breakfast," she suggests, sitting down on his desk, letting her uniform ride up, showing him a little leg, leading him on. He looks up at her smiling down at him. She flicks open the top two buttons on her uniform. Her lacy black bra peeks out.

Salivate on this, sucker.

"If not this morning, I promise we'll go out to breakfast soon. Breakfast at my place."

She raises one foot up on the desk. Gives him a panty show.

"You hear me, John?"

"Like the bells of St. James."

"Who else gives you free shows like I do?"

Slack jawed John can't form words to save his pathetic life, mindlessly rubbing himself. Nurse Hell stands up -- sudden lightheaded carnival thrill. Skin tingling electric.

"Back in a little jiffy."

Meathead. He's got a nice fat one, big mushroom head, and a rock bottom. That's about all he's good for.

"Borrrrrrrrrring," she sings out loud. Hits the elevator button so John will hear the doors open and close. Dances around the corner. Poised on the threshold of her special patient's private room, here at the private psychiatric hospital.

Best care his mommy and daddy could buy.

She's in. Poor baby strapped in so tight. Only 19. Meth-amphetamine crash and burn. Face like an angel. Blonde curly locks. She's already stared into his blue eyes at the moment of his ejaculation. Held his soul and his will in the latex palm of her hand. Time to wake up her Sleeping Beauty, her Buddy Boy.

"Do you know, Michael, I'm 37-years-old?" she asks, talking to his dreaming face, rummaging through her nylon bag.

"Got it." Pulls out the erection injection, designed for diabetics. Makes the dick rock hard for three to four hours. It never goes down. Continuous ejaculation. Like a fountain. "And that makes me almost old enough to be your mother." She snaps on the latex gloves. Pulls up his gown lovingly. "Ahhh, there he is, Sleeping Beauty." Injects directly into his flaccid penis. The prick wakes the little prick up.

"Won't be sleeping much longer," she says to his heavy eyelids, fluttering open like an exotic bird.

His arms strapped down at his sides, she pushes the hospital gown up to his chin. Caresses muscle and bone -- not much else. Even through the thin latex she can feel him jump. Detoxing. His skin's on fire.

"God, I love my job...Ooooh, what's this? Is the erection injection working already or are you just happy to see me? Such a big, strong boy," she coos, stroking his length lightly with her latex gloved hand.

"Time for our secret game." His eyes are fully open, staring at her through his drugged-out haze. "The one you can't tell anyone about because you know that if you do I won't be able to come see you anymore," she reminds him, grabbing him firm and tying the thin rubber hose around the base of his cock and balls. "And mommy and daddy will move you to some slimy treatment center. And that wouldn't be good because tomorrow you're off 72-hour watch. You can get up and walk around." Pulls the hose tighter, crown of his penis getting purple; secures the hose with a clamp. "And from then on it's nothing but cable TV and smoke breaks and group therapy. On Saturday nights we even have movies and popcorn."

He starts to moan as her rubber hand presses his hard prick into his concave stomach. She slaps him lightly across the face.

"You know what I told you about moaning." She steps back to survey her work. Unbuttons her uniform from top to bottom to give him the view and nothing but the view -- tied down and helpless. She removes her white panties.

"Now say 'ahhhh'." She puts her panties in his mouth.

His eyes feast on her flat, hard stomach. She steps back. Pulls a chair up. Puts her feet up on the bed. Spreads her legs.

"Now I'm gonna show her to you."

She grabs the little bedside box, presses the button and his face and shoulders slowly come up into full viewing position -- neck twisted, staring at her bone white, shaved smooth vagina.

"Watch me touch myself, Michael. Watch me stick my fingers in me... Now, if that isn't the purple veined hard-on from hell, I don't know what is," she observes, eyeing his sleek, bobbing beauty, all trussed up like an appetizer. His cock looks so hard it must hurt. She thrusts smooth latex fingers into her wetness, admiring her work. And all he can do is squirm. Lifts one of her little breasts out. Big hard nipple, rolls it between her fingers like an eraser.

Getting there. Getting closer. On the edge of the cliff. Jumps on top of the bed like an acrobat. Straddles him. Cradles his hardness in her hand. Rubs him on her stomach. And just like that he splashes hot come all over her electric skin, moaning through her panties. Then her crescendo comes. And she holds his gaze prisoner in her deep, unending, perverted lust transfixed on his soul flickering in his whacked out pupils dilated from here to hell...she takes his soul like a succubus.

Shimmies down his legs. Greedily swallows all his length in one hungry, hard cock muffled moan. Gulps sweet warm leftovers down her throat. Takes all of his bright red balls in her mouth.

Heaven. I'm in heaven.

Heart pounding in her ears like a big bass drum. She's so bad she belongs in here. Feeds on his cock like she hasn't eaten in weeks when it was only last night she fed on him this way. All-out binge on his royal young stiffness not about to go down for hours to come and come. Kisses his concave quivering stomach. Whispers to his penis, "Come on , baby. I know you got more in there for me."

Back to work. Plunges her face down into his short blonde hairs. Cock head fills the back of her throat. Gag reflex checked. Takes one last inch of him lodged in her throat. Slaps his balls a little. Then she feels his hot joy geysering straight down her throat.

Sweet fountain of youth, don't ever stop coming tonight.

Kneads his balls giving up their dying spasms, cock still stiff in her mouth.

Let me suck your youth away, take your soul down my ancient throat. Make the sacrifice for me...the latest incarnation of a loser... It's just feeding time at the zoo. And this animal got hungry.

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