The New Bondage Fairies
Eros Comics

This Valentine's Day would be a primo time to go out and find a real honey, especially if you've just been sitting at home reading nothing but the porno comics mentioned and recommended in this column. This month is a particularly good time for human interaction due to a sickly, sorry crop of plain ole bad comics. Seattle's Eros Comics has released a few stinkers.

New Bondage Fairies is toast compared to the original series that ran years ago. The Bondage Fairies that shook up the adult comics market at the beginning of this decade was full of risque Japanese-style sex with violence that was so shocking and offensive it was irresistible. The first series, which ran through six issues, was about friendly forest fairy Pfil getting kidnapped and molested by envious rival fairies. A battle of wits, offbeat humor, and several bodypieces climaxe her fight for freedom.

Kondom, a pseudonym for Japanese cartoonist Kubo Shoten, brings us back to Pfil, the innocent and oft-molested fairy, and her lover, Pamela, in his new Bondage run. The first two issues don't mention the ordeal of the first series and focus on the daily grind of the two-inch tall, lesbian fairies. In the first new issue, a mole hires another mole to steal articles of Pfil's clothing. The game is up when Pamela, the brainy, hornier fairy, sets a trap for this fetishist. In the second issue, rats blackmail a wasp to stun and capture Pfil. Again, she becomes an unwilling sex slave and again Pamela comes to her rescue. This time, however, Pamela gets an eyefull of the rats' big dicks (rat peckers are big for forest fairies) and she decides to fuck first before punishing.

There is a shocking panel in issue two where Pfil gets stung in the butt by a wasp. But, compared to the first Bondage Fairies, this second run just doesn't have the weird horror and super shocks that made the first one unique.

Here Come the Lovejoys
Eros Comics

There's no joy in adultville, as Bruce McCorkindale has struck out with his latest issue featuring the repressed Lovejoy family. Kudos to his art style, though, being consistent and unique. Unlike Kondom's distinctly Japanese way of illustrating, McCorkindale seems to be tipping his pen in a creative nod towards 70's action and superhero comics. The meat of the new Lovejoys deals with young Jenny tricking her girlfriends into a birthday party orgy while her parents are away on vacation. The town magician, Maximus, in cahoots with Jenny's lesbian playmate, Chris, hypnotizes the prudish party guests into doing just what Jenny wants them to. Meanwhile, traveling to a family reunion in Kentucky, Jenny's parents find themselves captured by local yee-haws and forced to have sex in front of hillbillies.

The art is fetching but the script's tired. Maybe with a few more issues' worth of practice we'll see McCorkindale's humor and storytelling get a little sharper. Until then, you should draw your own comics for your honey this Valentine's.

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