Weird, sexy, or's all part of the prescription for online entertainment. The doctor is definately In again.

Naughtya’s Page
This page is done by and for exotic dancers in the Portland, Oregon area. Lots of links to local attractions; plus links to other dancers, dancer schedules, pages for local nudie bars, plus much information, and pix of Naughtya, your lovely Webmistress. A little graphically top-heavy. It will be great watching this site develop.

This site is largely an advertisement. The reason it’s included here is that it's really a pretty good advertisement – in fact, much WebSpam would be infinitely more palatable if more HTML authors would work this hard. This site advertises a series of porno movies with subject categories including Asians, athletes, autofellatio, beach scenes, hairy men, bisexuality, homosexuality, black men, blondes, CD-ROMs, college shots, cops & robbers, horse-hung men, Latinos, leathermen, magazines, military men, spankings, toys, all-girls, anal action, Europeans, facials, gangbangs, strap-on girls, and, they assure us confidently, “much, much more!” I believe them.

Durtro’s Massage Parlor And Apocalyptic Mambo Studio
With a title like this, you’re destined for glory. Housed in delightfully seismic San Francisco, Durtro is interested in alternative therapy, HIV+ lifestyle, sex magick, body and brain modification/expansion, power exchanges, creating graphic images, and writing prose. He “also enjoys discussing the Global Conspiracies that certainly exist in order to exploit (?kill?) all of us, except the self-serving elite who still control the power structure and oppress the rest of us with their media of lies, as well as the Cumming Apocalypse." He goes on to point out that “The aliens are here, the antichrist walks the earth, the end of this age encroaches on us all.” `Nuff said.

The Enema Searches
The inexplicably named Enema Searches appeared when I tossed “CONSPIRACY + ENEMA” into AltaVista. The Enema Searches are inexplicable because this page, containing nothing more than a really catchy eyeball background and a form to submit queries to a few search engines, has absolutely nothing to do with enemas. Not only that, the page’s author refuses to explain the absence of enema-related material. In fact, every indication is given that the only reason these pages have the title they do is so that feebs like me will run across them while trying silly search engine experiments. The moral of the story is to always name your pages "NECROPHILIA GANG-BANG GRAPHIC NOVEL MAGICK BOOK OF CRYPTOGRAPHY ENEMA SEARCH CONSPIRACY MANUAL #12."

This site, aside from being a major nexus in the battle for free speech on the Internet, is one of the biggest archives of everything in the Universe that the Church of $cientology doesn’t want you to know – internal church structure, mythology, policies for dealing with outsiders, programming techniques, L. Ron Hubbard’s lengthy list of internal contradictions, L. Ron Hubbard’s genuine life history, and most interestingly of all, a long long list of everyone that’s died, sued, committed suicide, gone insane, gone broke, or just gone after dealing with/in the Church of Scientology. This site has been attacked in many ways, legal and not, by the Co$, so see it (or copy it) now while it still exists!

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