Friendz ? Volume 2
Raw Silk
Starring: Sid Duece, Morgan Fairlane, Jacklyn Lick, Randi Rage, Malitia...This video is really quite funny. Sometimes it’s funny because of the performance of my friend Jacklyn Lick (known locally as Paisley Lick of the infamous Lick Sisters); other times it’s funny because of the dynamics between the players, and mostly it’s funny because it’s supposed to be funny. As unusual as it is, most of the humor is a result of deliberate action on the scriptwriter’s part rather than impromptu condom humor.

Friendz? 2 not only parodies the popular TV show but television in general. There are mock commercials, “behind-the-scenes” television-sound-set shots, faux candid interviews, and fake news broadcasts. Even more astonishing than this vast galactic leap of creativity is the fact that the cast really executes these clever bits of script quite well. (My favorite is the ad for vaginal deodorant.)

The sex is high-end mediocre to well-done with bonus points for enthusiasm in the case of Jacklyn – she doesn’t stop grinning (nor remove her chewing gum) at any point in her performance, be it sodomy, vaginal penetration or fellatio. Could be raw enjoyment, could be lockjaw – only her bacteriologist knows for sure.

There are a few notable scenes (the BJ in the can has some real heat, for example) and I look forward to watching the rest of the Friendz series and seeing if they maintain or improve the quality of filmmaking.

The Operation
210 Productions
Starring: Gina Velour, Otto Wrek

The Operation will be a cult classic. This is a short (13-minute) film that's interesting for a number of reasons: (1) It’s entirely homegrown – the producers and players are local to Portland, Oregon. (2) It’s really good, erotic porn with lots of heat....literally! (3) It’s got a creepy kind of videography that makes it vaguely resemble a Marilyn Manson video. (4) This is the most fantastic reason yet; the entire thing is shot on infrared film.

You can see through skin. Breath leaves a white vapor trail. Kisses on flesh leave behind afterimages. Semen glows like incandescent iron; Velour's vagina is a flaming source of hidden heat. As each person nears orgasm, you can see the flush of heat wash outward from the heart and lungs. Muscles clenched show as dark knots as the blood cools; noses turn black as breath whistles faster and faster. This is one of the most singular and erection-inducing films I have seen all year, hands down, end of discussion. It made such an impression on me that I want to film Darklady and myself in the same way, just to see how our flesh will behave in the all-seeing eye of infrared, at the height of the heat of passion.

I am told that the producers of The Operation have had problems selling the video. I’d like to say that this is utterly absurd – I cannot suggest strongly enough that this video be examined both for its erotic and artistic merit. One cannot underestimate the value of introducing something genuinely new into art, and sex, and everyday living; and this darkly erectile vision of The Operation is unmistakably, undeniably well-done, refreshing and new. Please buy a copy of this film for yourself, your friends, complete strangers!

You can order The Operation from 210 Productions at 625 SW 10th Ave., #121-C, Portland, OR 97204 for $34.95 or get info online at

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