Carnal Knowledge 4.08

Once again, we’ve waited for the last second to choose a cover for the month, so at this point I have no idea who is featured on it. But I’m sure she’s lovely and I’m sure she works at some fabulous club. I’m sure the photography is inspired and the design and layout brilliant. I’m sure that some people will love it and others will hate it. I’m also sure that next month at this time I will have the same problem, because procrastination is the one art I have managed to master.

Randy Lee Prinslow (of Psychic Stripper fame) contributed this month with his article on pioneer underground comic book artist Trina Robbins. Bob Armstrong is back with more strange research, this time on Hitler and his rather abnormal sexual desires. And finally, Darklady summons the beast in an erotic piece with the same name.

This month marks our 45th issue and the first with a separate Sea-Tac edition. 33,000 copies in all, each and every month, and we’re still running out. We couldn’t have made it this far without the help of all our advertisers, our vendors, our readers, our contributors and especially all our wonderful models. Thanks and see ya in April.

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