CD-Rom Revolutions 4.05
Grandpa's Pinup Treasures
JB Ltd.
Mac & PC

Most boys pick up a few pointers about the basic configuration of females from their daddy’s carefully hidden Playboys. (I didn’t, but the fact that I’m a "son of a preacher man" probably has something to do with this.)

Fortunately, to bring back the full rose-hued nostalgic grandeur of the good old days (when you thought all girls had a staple in their navel), we have this remarkable disc. It’s a collection of nudie pin-up photos from the 40’s and 50’s – a striking, sensual sampler of unsurgically swayed sweet thangs. Hips that are detectable without an electron microscope, lightly curving tummies with six-packing, enormous tits with huge crinkly nipples and not a saline scar to be found.

It’s nice to see happy, naked, writhing, non-airbrushed women for a change. The collection of body types is good, the faces often ordinary but somehow all the more exciting for being so. The images are of excellent size and superb clarity (especially given the age of the material) and, well, it’s a weird turn-on to think “Wow. My [older male family figure & role model] probably lost a lot of semen over this kind of stuff. {pause} Can’t blame him.”

One note – you’re provided a little browser program on the disc to view the images but I’d really recommend using another program if you want to seriously peruse the images on this disc. The browser provided works well but is a little thin on tweaking your viewing options.

History of the Blue Movie
Caballero Digital
PC Only

This is far and away the absolute best disc this month.

Each movie has a screen full of text explaining how each clip was created, who did it, when, where, why, the basic plot, the sociopolitical climate and pornography-based laws applicable at the time.

Some of the movies (being the first of their kind) would unquestionably make anybody giggle with their absurdity – but many of the movies are shockingly well done. I say “shockingly” because there is more genuine enthusiasm going on in these grainy, occasionally soundless films than I’ve ever seen in a Michael Nin flick. (One reason for this enthusiasm is that many of the first actresses in porn were ?well-paid? prostitutes – the only people who were courageous enough to try this bold new medium.

The installation is a breeze and takes diddly-squat for hard drive space – there is a stupid message that appears though, warning you that your CPU will positively douse itself with gasoline and engage in self-immolation if your PC display is not around 640 by 480 pixels, with 16.7 million colors available. I’ve played around a bit, and my expert geek advice is to ignore it. Most of the movies are black-and-white anyway – there appears to be no reason why you should monkey with your display settings at all.

This is a great disc for lovers because of the real quality of some of the content; this is a great disc for those who actually saw some of these grainy delights when they were fresh and new; this is a great disc for anyone who’s interested in the history of sex; and finally, this is a great disc for those who enjoy humor – the narrator’s so suave and relaxed I nearly shot Coke out of my nose the first time I heard him say the word “cunnilingus.”

Both of these excellent CD-Rom's can be found at the new Taboo video on SE 82nd off of Division.

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