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  • Hello, we're a happily married couple seeking generous gentlemen to do to my body what they will. I stand about 5'2", blonde hair, blue eyes, my name is Natasha. I have beautiful round breasts and an extremely hot, tight pussy. Please call me. When you do, leave your number and your name so I can call you back . (503) Ext. 68335

  • Hi, my name's Gary and my female name's Stacy. I've been dressing in girls' clothes for about 33 years. I'm 38 now. I want to come out and I've been trying for years to get on hormones. I'm looking for a couple who's very bisexual and kinky and clean. The husband has to be very well endowed. I could show him so much pleasure, plus I love eating pussy. I love dressing up and being a woman, it makes me feel like what I really am. I'm looking for a couple who would like to dominate me and help me get on hormones or get breast implants. I'm very good looking, excellent build, very clean, blue eyes, brown hair, very outgoing, very kind and considerate. I just want to express myself and how I feel. I don't lie, I'm not some weirdo just leaving this message here. If you're a couple who wants to have a live-in relationship and love transsexuals and will help me become a transexxual, please call (503) Ext. 68332

  • We're a M/C in our early 30s. I'm a male and very straight, my wife is bi in the right situations. We are into anything and everything that's kinky and unusual. Wife loves any kind of sex, any time, any age, any race or size...it doesn't matter. Please give us a call if you're interested, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. (503) Ext. 68307

  • We're a W/C and I'm 35 and my wife is 25 and we're interested in meeting other males who would be interested in making love to my wife while I watch or possibly join in. I am not gay or bi and I'm only interested in the male making love with my wife. (206) Ext. 68306

  • Anything goes. Private parties only. I'm a 35-year old W/M. S&M? Lover? Friend? What do you want? Call me. Anything. (503) 68177

  • We are a happily M/W/C and fairly new to the swinging life but so far loving it! We're average to good looking. I'm in my 30s and my husband is 40. We'd like to get together for fun times. Give us a call. We'll certainly answer all ads as soon as received so do it now. (503) Ext. 68091

  • Hello out there. My name is Bud and I'm 6', 250 lbs, with brown hair and eyes. I'm interested in meeting couples and single ladies who are interested in a threesome with another male. I'm very oral and I'm bisexually oral. I love to have fun times, safe times and clean times. I'm safe and have no STD's. Just looking to have a fun time and get to meet some new people. (503) Ext. 68000

  • Hi, I'm 28, 5'10", 140 lbs. My wife is 5'1", 125 lbs, h/w proportional. We're looking to meet a young lady, possibly bi-curious. My wife is rather shy and might rather watch at first. Any possible participation depends on her at the time. If you're a nice young lady who'd like to try something new, give us a call. (503) Ext. 68153

  • We're a fun-loving, nymphomanic couple seeking bisexual couples for magical memories and hot fun times. Please call soon. We're very eager to please. (360) Ext. 67942

  • I'm Selena, a bisexual transexual who is now living a new and better life as a girl and I'd love to meet some fun-loving women and guys to make it more enjoyable. I'm 5'4" with great legs, tan and hair that's wild and crazy. Please give me a call and we'll talk. (503) Ext. 68057

  • Hi, my name is Sheila and I'm a sexy crossdressing slut. I want you to call me up so I can be your sex slave. I don't care if you're a man or a woman or something in between. I like anything, there's nothing you can do that won't turn me on so call me please. I need you. (503) Ext. 67642

  • Hi, my name is Ce Ce and my husband Tim. We're looking for a S/F nymphomaniac that is very, very bi-curious. I enjoy a woman with small breasts and large nipples with a very shapely butt. We have been looking for a special person to share ourselves with for a very long time. Time likes to watch me and another women lick and suck one another until we reach earth-shattering orgasms. I enjoy having his cock smothered between hot mouths and hope to find that special one who will help me suck him to the ultimate orgasm. If you're interested, please leave a message. We're hoping for responses from Tacoma. (206) Ext. 68071

  • 34 yr old W/M looking for a couple into some different things, basically for the male to watch me with the female. I've very oral and hope to hear from y'all soon. Thanks. (503) Ext. 68056

  • Wait -- don't skip over this ad. My name's Chris, I'm a very attractive W/M. I'm 30 years old, 5'9", 155 lbs and very seriuos and very real. I'm trying to find myself a couple who is attractive and in there 20s - 30s. But most of all, sexually open-minded and adventurous, likes to dance and long hours of pleasure a must. I seek a partner. I need a partner who is into enjoying being spoiled by receiving all the pleasure they'll allow me to give them. I'm very oral, long lasting and I love to please. I like XXX movies, adventures. I really hope you get hold of me. You won't be disappointed. I'll eat you alive. (503) Ext. 68049

  • I'm 35, a M/W/M, 160 lbs. My wife is 33 and 125 lbs. We're interested in finding another couple who is interested in sharing a new side to our couple's activities. I'm interested in seeing my wife with another woman or another man. We're both good-looking, active, outdoorsy and this is our first time doing this. (503) Ext. 68105

  • Hi, I'm Patty. I'm 5'2", 33, 230 lbs. My husband, Bill, is 5'10", 50, 180 lbs. We want to meet other bi couples (we're both bi) and we're looking for couples or single bi men or women between 18 - 50. (503) Ext. 67363

  • Very attractive W/C, he's 6'2", 215 lbs, dark hair, good shape, bi-curious. She's 5'8", 150 lbs, beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair, very well endowed and bi. We're seeking the same or bi female for exotic sex, hot tubbing, partying. Let's have a sexy good time. (503) Ext. 67352

  • Too hot, professional couple in mid-30's, looking for bi women or couples to play with. He's 6'0", 160 lbs. She's 5'2", 105 lbs, clean shaven, hot, nasty. (503) Call Ext. 67407

  • Hi, we're an attractive M/W/C. I'm 28, bi; he's 33, straight. We're looking for couples, males and females, for erotic entertainment. Give us a call. (503) Ext. 67346

  • My girlfriend and I are both 35, good looking and fun. We are looking for a bi female to enjoy threesomes and weekends. (503) Ext. 67686

  • Hi, my name's Marcy and my boyfriend is Jim. We're sexually creative and free and looking desperately for a partner who would like to join in a manage' a trois. We enjoy oral sex, anal sex is optional. We are looking for a woman who's pretty, size doesn't necessarily matter. I'm 5'4", 140 lbs, I have blonde hair, blue eyes. My boyfriend is very tall and very lean, kinda looks like a rock star with long, curly hair. We're desperately waiting for an answer to our menage' proble. If you're interested and sexually creative and sexually fun, give us a call. (360) Ext. 67348.


  • Hi, Bob. This is "looking for the right lady." I'm responding to your ad but I can't find you at the Blue Spot. Come by again -- you have my physical description -- look for me. (503) Ext. 68061

  • Wanna see a bad black sister? Well, once you go black you'll never go back. I'm, I'm Asia of Exclusive Tan and Cut. you can see my nice pussy and soft ass wiggle right in your face. I work every Sunday from 10 am - 4pm. Stop by or call me personally. See you soon. (206) Ext. 68021

  • Mmmmmm. Are you ready for your Cocktail? Mention this ad and get 20% off a real Cocktail. I am Michelie Le' of Cocktails, the NW's best escort agency, just waiting to party with you. I am a S/B/F, 5'5", 120 lbs with a nice physique pushing a 34D. Oooo...come and experience my dark world and juicy flavors. Don't let those others get you hung over. Look us up or leave a message before we are all booked up. Don't let this party slip out of your hands. Leave a message. I hope to speak to you soon. (503) Ext. 67998

  • Hi. My name is Tara from Exquisite Tan. I'm a beautiful blonde with blue eyes and a great body and I'd love to give you a hot and sexy lingerie show. So why don't you come down and let me give you the attention you deserve? I'll be waiting. (503) Ext. 68058

  • Hi, I'm18-years old and 5'7", 135 lbs. I'm looking for somebody that can make my fantasies come true. I have big breasts and enjoy all kinds of activities. I would like an

  • Hi there, I'm Paisley Lick with the Lick Sisters. My sister Deva and I like to drop hot candle wax on each other. We are featured dancers who travel nationwide and we live in Portland. When we are in town we do bachelor parties. We have lots of different wild shows; in one show I deepthroat a banana and in another we paint each other under black lights with black light paints. We do fire-eating shows as well as wild fuck scenes with dildos. We've been featured in national magazines like Penthouse Letters, Leg Action, Cheeks and Just 18. Deva has done two videos with Gingery Lynn, Hawaiian Ginger 1 and Hawaiian 2. I've toured with Sam Kinneson and talked on the Howard Stern radio show. For more info call 682-LICK. We also have male dancers and do private domination shows. (503) Ext. 68052

  • Hi, my name is Glenda. I'm about 5'7", 140 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. I'm very fit and athletic. I'm outgoing, loving, caring and faithful. If you're much the same way and up to the challenge, leave your number and I'll call you back. (503) Ext. 67883

  • Hi, my name's Lee. I'm very, very new at this. I'm looking for a WM over 35, because I'm 32. I'm willing to meet somebody that's willing to have fun and is looking to have a good time. I've got my options open. (503) Ext. 67930

  • Hi, my name is Divine from Primal Instincts. If you're looking for a beautiful woman to satisfy your every desire, give me a call. We have anything and everything you might need or want. (503) Ext. 67868

  • Hi! I'm Cindy and I'm looking for a much older man to discipline me, take advantage of me and spank my bare ass. I have a completely shaved pussy and like to wear bobby socks, little dresses and little patent-leather shoes. I'm looking for a grandpa to take advantage of this bad little girl. (503) Ext. 67886

  • Hi, this is Maureen. I'm a brunette, blue-eyed, good figure. I enjoy going out dancing, playing pool. I'm looking for a guy with dark hair, brown/blue eyes, who enjoys dancing, music, walks on the beach, romance and a great sense of humor. Give me a call if you're interest(360) Ext. 67881


  • Hi, I'm Linda. I'm 5'5", 110 lbs, petite, sexy, hot redhead and I come complete with a gorgeous, tall, dark and very handsome and sexy man. I have a beautiful sweet pussy and he has a big gorgeous cock. We're looking for a bi woman age 20 to 40 who would love to share and enjoy her sexy self with us. Nothing but pure pleasure for all of us. Must enjoy pussy and cock. Please give me a call. You won't regret it. The best of the best. (503) 68357

  • Hi, my name is Laurie and I'm bi-curious. If there's anyone out there who would like to teach me, give me a call. (360) Ext. 68348

  • Hi, my name's Kelly, I'm 5'6, 124 lbs, brown hair, green eyes, 24. I'm looking for a bisexual female or a bi-curious, between the ages of 21 and 29. Someone who can teach me some new things, for erotic times. If anyone's interested, call my box. (503) Ext. 68302

  • Hi, my name is Kerry and I'm seeking a female dominatrix to have an apprenticeship under. I'm about 5' and a little under 100 lbs, mainly bi-curious. I've never had an experience with a woman before. (206) Ext. 68199

  • My name is Ce Ce. My husband's name is Tim. I am a bisexual African- American woman looking for a bi-curious or bisexual woman, preferably in the Tacoma area to meet and have good times with. (206) Ext. 68218


  • Hello, I'm Jake. I'm a married 52-yr-old Hispanic-American tradesman and I live in Seattle. I have an invalid wife and I'm seeking a woman in the Seattle area of any age or nationality who'd like a continuing relationship with safe, intimate companionship and trips as often as needed. You can be single or married with an incapable spouse or you could be a partial invalid yourself. I'm STD negative, you must be, too. And please, no dating professionals (206) Ext. 68358

  • Hi ladies, this is Joe. I'm a W/M, 5'10", 170 lbs. Oh, I'd say a little muscular build and I'm lookingfor a nymphomaniac basicall. I love all girls, especially the ones with hard tits, nice hard bodies. I like to go out and listen to music, drink, karaoke and all that stuff. Give me a call and maybe we can do something. (360) Ext. 68351

  • I'm a 37-yr-old Englishman. I'm 5'8", 160 lbs. married, competitive weight lifter, so I'm in really good shape. I don't smoke or drink. I have a good sense of humor and reddish-blond hair. I am a voyeur. If you do it, I will watch it. I'm looking for single women, couples, really anything. Domination, masturbation...I'll watch it all. I don't want to participate, just come along and watch and have some fun. So, if there's someone out there who wants to be watched, give me a call. (503) Ext. 68270

  • My name is Andy, I'm 20. I'm looking for someone who's very sexy and knows what she wants. (503) 68341

  • I'm a S/W/M 43, 5'10", 150 lbs, handsome, slender and muscular. I'm looking for the right woman to tie me up tight and stretch me out, to lick me and suck me and fuck me. To do all the things I can scarcely think about but see in all of my dreams. You should be tall, attractive and well built, 25 to 35, but I'm open. (503) Ext. 68345

  • My name is John and I'm in my 60's and I need someone for friendship and sex. If we hit it off, I want to live with you. Of course I will pay my share of the rent and expenses and so forth. I don't have any age limits as long as you're legal. I sure hope you give me a call, sugar. Bye bye. (503) Ext. 68249

  • Hey, what's up? 26 years old, 6', 170 lbs, very athletic and very erotic. I'm a male dancer, I'm looking to have some fun. I live in the north Seattle area. I've worked with dancers before so if you know me, my stage name is Apollo. Let's hook up, it's worth it. (206) Ext. 68325

  • 69-year old S/W/M, 5'7", 150 lbs, Southeast Portland. I haven't had sex with a woman for five years due to impotence. But now I take an injection that gives me an erection that lasts up to two hours! I need some help, girls. Give me a call. (503) Ext. 68201

  • I'm an African-American man, 38. I'd like to meet a fun-loving woman, challenging, open minded. Color and race is not important to me. Thanks. I wish you'd call. (503) Ext. 68289

  • I'm a M/W/M businessman 5'9", 190 lbs. I get into the Portland area once or twice a month and I'd like to meet an attractive young dancer for a discreet sexual relationship. (503) Ext. 68305

  • Hello, my name is Isaac, I'm 5'10 and 175 lbs, 24. I'm looking for a woman between the ages of 21 and 45 with a slim build and very good looking. Someone I can hold and carress and have a good time with and go to concerts. I'm looking for someone who I can possibly have a relationship with. Women with children are ok. I love children and like being around them. I like women who like to go to concerts and do outdoor activities. I like the ballet and just about everything else. I keep my mind open to just about everything. (360) Ext. 68300

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