The cover artist for the first issue of 1997 is the legendary Chris Warner, creator of such classic Darkhorse comic book characters as Barb Wire and Black Cross. The original artwork he created for us depicts one of our favorite dancers (and a good friend of mine)–Kandi from the Acropolis–in the post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk world of 2022. In this future world, the Acropolis has deteriorated a bit (not much), though the clientele, as you can see, has remained the same. Kandi is shown on (what's left of) stage 2, while in the background you can see Taylor on the main stage. I'm not sure but I think that's Jimmy with the big smile way back on the right, sitting on what's left of the west wall (it has completely fallen off into Johnson Creek, but I'm sure Bobby will get it fixed soon). Another good friend of mine keeps telling me the world's gonna end soon. If this is what she's talking about, maybe it won't be so bad...

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