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To Exotic Magazine:

I am writing to follow up Marcus Tempe's letter in your February 1997 issue about the much-reviled 1996 Miss Nude Oregon contest. Over the past few months I've followed what's been written about this event in both your fine publication and the other pretender.

With regard to the first controversy that came to my attention -- whether or not the contest was fixed -- I cannot say. I'm merely a customer of many of the clubs and a fan of a number of the dancers in town, without any connection to any of them or to the organizers of the contest. All I can say is that, if the contest wasn't rigged, the judges ought to be taken out and shot for their choice of a winner. I can't even remember her name anymore, but how a majority of people with any judgment could choose her as the best performer in a field that includes the likes of Tiffany (Stars Cabaret), Felony (Sassy's) and Tai (George's Dancin' Bare), to name just a few, is beyond me. I can only conclude that the judges in this year's contest, as well as last year's, must be major stockholders in firms that manufacture silicone or saline breast implants.

(Don't get me wrong. I've got nothing against tastefully done implants. It's just that, given the relative lack of glamour and dancing ability of this year's winner in particular, I can only conclude the judges were overly dazzled by the dirigibles adorning her chest. She and her friend, Aurora-tized, ought to look up the word "proportionate" in the dictionary and reconsider what they've done to themselves. They were both so much more attractive pre-blimps.)

At least last year's winner, Michale, can put on a show, but neither she nor this year's first place finisher could even remotely be classified as glamorous -- and that ought to be a major factor in selecting someone for this honor. I'm just glad the winner no longer represents Oregon in the contest in Las Vegas, as happened when the lovely Orchid won the contest several years ago; our state would be laughed out of the building.

As to the issue discussed in Mr. Tempe's letter -- the quality of the contest and its organizers -- let's face it, Yoder's pathetic. He puts on airs about having a glamorous, quality show featuring the best in mature, adult entertainment, but then the smirking high school boy in him comes out and the whole affair turns into little more than kids' locker room fantasies come true. I remember hearing some kind of excuse during the contest about some problem with Michale's props, and that was disappointing. Despite my earlier aspersions toward her as a winner, I still think she puts on one hell of a show. It's just too bad Yoder and company couldn't have gotten their act together to let it happen.

What the contest needs is some good professional people like yourself or you guys at Exotic to put it on. But, as I said, I'm not ready at this stage of the game to have my name associated publicly with an industry that still has the bad rep exotic entertainment does. I wish I had that kind of courage, but I don't. So I encourage you or the wonderful Darklady (or are you one and the same?) and the Real John Henry to take on the task next year. The ladies deserve it and so do customers like myself who can recognize and appreciate glamour as opposed to mere silicone mountains.

– A. Voyeur via snail mail

The editor and Darklady are, indeed, one and the same. We agree that the ladies deserve something classier and we've certainly done our share of blue-skying about who should do it and how it should be done. Who knows what the future holds?


I highly suggest that you really need more up close pussy shots. If you don't then your site will end up the suckiest damn site on the whole fuckin' net.

– Anonymous VanDrei Family Member

We'd love to include more pictures of the office cats if that's what our readers want. In the meantime, stop using your parent's internet account until you're old enough to vote.

Dear Ms. Reed,

I thank you. If for no other reason than being passionate enough to keep the name alive of a man whose interest to me is inexplicably strong. Lenny Bruce is a character in our cultural history. A pioneer in the vein of the explorers and inventors that define our American heritage. And so he is not unique. However, I am compelled to the sound of his voice. At the thought processes that reveal themselves in his later work when he eschewed his "bits" and began "free-forming" his material on stage. I am, after repeated listenings, still amazed. And I still laugh. "Bad" men are a dime a dozen and it's not his character that I am drawn to. Victims of injustice are also not uncommon in the annals of our country's history and, while frustrated in reading the accounts of Lenny's run-ins with the law, I do not champion him for that particular cause. But, strangely, I am drawn to him. Again, I thank you.

– Andre' via e-mail

Glad you liked the 3-part series on Lenny Bruce (June - August, 1996). I, too, find Lenny's later works to be compelling, as well as his personal story. He cracks me up and I have to thank him for saying it straight, "If you can't say 'fuck,' then you can't say 'fuck the government.'"

Exotic Magazine:

Pretty interesting interview. (January '97) I live in Dayton, OH, where Mr. Flynt got his start in the adult entertainment industry. He started with a chain of Hustler night clubs, the first one being Larry's Hillbilly Haven. The Hustler Magazine started out as a newsletter letting club members know what was going on with the clubs and which girls were going to be at them. The clubs were real famous with truck drivers who were looking for dancers who would turn tricks. Word is, however, he didn't promote prostitution and was known to fire who were caught hustling directly in the clubs. He never took any crap off anyone and was known for pistol-whipping an unruly customer.

I agree with you in that he broke a lot of ground for the fight against censorship and that he paved the way for the almost-freedom to exchange and peddle smut, which, in fact, is one of the reasons that this country is so great. God bless America. You have got to love Flynt's candor and no-bullshit attitude about sex and life in general.

– Stephon via e-mail

You're right, I definately admire Flynt's directness. It's refreshing to meet someone who doesn't giggle and titter behind their hands about sex. I'm glad his surgery has allowed him to become more involved with Hustler again and hope his autobiography and the Milos Forman film help Gen X realize how precious (and precarious) their rights are.

Dear Exotic,

Frank Miller is a true artist. I have loved his work since I saw his first drawings years ago. Thanks for the article and the art.

– John via e-mail

We couldn't agree more. We love the June 1996 cover art, too!


I was in Sassy's the other night and saw a copy of the mag, immediately turned to the masthead to get the www address, and I've been checking out your page. GREAT STUFF. Thanks for the effort.

– Marc via e-mail

We thank you. Our webmaster thanks you. And I'm sure that several dancers at Sassy's thank you, too.


more sex.

– Wen-Li Feng via e-mail

More sex? What a brilliant idea! Why didn't we think of that? (Sheeeeesh)

Mr. Doyle:

Incredible. Everything you have described is my exact perception of women and boots. I will often just go out to find women who wear boots. The approach you describe in looking at a woman's boots is mine exactly. Amazing, but I was beginning to think I was alone! Glad to know there's someone out there who feels the same way about women's boots. Every day I pray for my wife to pick out an outfit which will require boots -- a long sweater with tight leggings, and boots just below the knee -- ahh, so sweet. I often try to pick out some clothes for her to wear which are boot friendly -- knowing there will be no options but for her to wear boots. She has white, brown and black. I bought her a pair of brown knee high boots with a three inch heel that she says hurt her feet when she wears them out. One night we went out to the mall -- and I convinced her mildly to wear those three inch boots I bought her for X-mas - you know, I used the "it's your opportunity to break them in" line. As the evening progressed, she began to complain about how much the boots were hurting her feet, that her toes were pressing against the lining of the boots. Discomforting for her, and I consoled her... but WOW! What an arousing experience... I was definately aroused for the rest of the evening. And what trouble she had getting them off. I had to PULL them off her aching, sweaty feet, just to expose the sock underneath. Only bad part is that now that they hurt one time she wore them it will probably be a long time before the time is right for those three inch heel, knee high boots to make it out again. So I'm waiting for the next time that they'll come out.

– Ed via e-mail

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