Weird, sexy, or's all part of the prescription for online entertainment. The doctor is definately In again.

Persian Kitty’s Adult Links
THE biggest adult web site in the known universe. Largely a massive hyperlist to real smut. Updated regularly. Contains the following subsections: free sites with images (270 links), free sites with amateur pix (89 links), XXX pix, other sites by category (470 links), pix of men, gay/les/bi, erotic stories, interesting sites, CD-ROM/video companies/offers, toys/clothing, (other products), adult BBS advertisements, personals/dating services, phone/video sex, chat rooms, pay sites, age verification systems, and “The Purrfect Pose of the Week” – just to start with.

STROBE: Stupid Net Tricks
see also
This spot’s interesting for two reasons. First, the address given here slings you to a remote subsection of what looks like a pretty cool online `zine called STROBE that has some clever writing and Okay artwork. The second interesting bit is a weird subsection called Stupid Net Tricks. This section is stupid (a) because there is only one trick, and (b) the trick involved (moving an image of a chihuahua’s head through an ASCII `hoop’) is indeed incredibly stupid. So stupid that I’m impressed that anyone would take the time to create such an utterly pointless piece of code. Once you’ve exhausted the possibilities of the dog, move on to read STROBE – you’ll enjoy yourself with its MAD-magazine-esque feel.

Legends of the Fall
This isn’t a site that’s really worth surfing to – merely a funny sound bite. I included this reference so that you can see that I'm not making it up. This page is reproduced in its entirety for your enjoyment: “Completely over-wrought, bad, thin, and worthless. Brad Pitt’s greatest achievement in this movie is his long hair and rolling his eyes into the back of his head while groaning, `aaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh.’ Julie Ormond is a Jezebel whore-adulterer who deserves to die. This movie should have been titled Legends of the Big Cheese Mountains and Hair While Groaning `Aaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhh’. Recommendation: Don’t see it. It’s not worth sitting that long in one place. – T. Pascal, King of Pascal. (”

XXXenophile Card List
There’s not much to this site; it just made me chuckle. One sentence says it all: pornographic trading cards. Remember gum & Joe DiMaggio?

The Alien Jigsaw
These guys are screaming fruitcakes from hell. Not only is it the “only true story” (it says so right on the box!), it’s got the endorsement of Budd “I couldn’t buy respect if I was Bill Gates” Hopkins, who writes page after page of glowing prose describing the incandescent beauty and fragility of the author of the book and her story – failing conspicuously to mention that the book in question also happens to mirror his own theories. Budd Hopkins’ own books on the subject are required humorous reading material for anyone interested in considering a skeptical viewpoint. The Alien Jigsaw’s got sex, missing time, neurological hypochondria, and poignant childhood memories, all positively bristling with big-eyed gray-skinned lil’ buggers with them huge alien rectal probes. Very millennial; very 1997. Give it a look.

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