My Ass Too
Starring: Mercedes, Dawn Devine, Rachel Love, Lauriel

This is a no-nonsense kind of flick. There's no plot – merely a set of similar scenes linked by nearly identical placards announcing the titles.

My Ass Too has a few things going for it. First, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Secondly, there’s a pretty good cameo from Buck Adams. Watch his face carefully, you can tell that he’s trying not to giggle like a schoolgirl. Thirdly, there’s huge steaming platefuls of oral, vaginal, and anal sex by those who know how to do it, do it right and enjoy it.

It’s got a few problems as well; largely technical ones. Boom shadows, sudden changes in light angle/quality, the occasional shot of a cameraman – these flaws are largely the type that show a crack in the magic of video. Dialogue is functionally nonexistent, so there’s very little pre-scripted material to interrupt the never-ending flow of sex, making these small flaws even more painfully obvious .

My Ass Too is unqualified porn with a capital P, and delivers solidly. The sex is extended, in-your-face, looks like a tremendous amount of fun, and the nonexistent plot simply refuses to get in the way. I recommend this flick for the `porn again’ any day of the week and twice on Sunday – give it a look with someone close, particularly if you’d like to demonstrate the subtler joys of anal sex. And watch for Buck Adams strolling onto the set bellowing “SODOMY?!” It sure scared the bejeezus out of me.

Tales from the Road: Crew Sluts
Starring: Jaqueline Lick, Deva Station, Sophio Rio, Randi Rage, Tia, Billy Glide, Tommy Gunn, Jef Hickey

This video details, in glistening full color, the activities of roadies at work and at play. There are some faux interview shots of what appear to be authentic roadies outside of a concert telling, in their "dude"-peppered way, some of their adventures. This would have been a lot of fun to follow as a "plot" device if it didn't obviously exist to keep the vid within its low budget. (Example: Long-haired guy under lights on edge of parking lot tells smutty story; fade to Motel 6 bedroom.)

Some of the sex is good, but many of the males seem either paranoid or bored, and many of the women are simply lethargic. What little script exists is usually flubbed either through excessive cheesy grinning or out-and-out bloopering.

There are a few good things about this video, though. First, there are occasionally some really funny bits. I haven't a clue if they were intended or not, but there you are. For example, a rather long sex scene is culminated in a quite convincing display of raw animal passion. Then, as our large-breasted blonde finishes sucking down Our Hero, he stretches, sighs, reaches behind his seat and slaps down a backstage pass on her hand, which is wrapped around his still oozing organ. "Thanks, that was great. Here's your pass. Now beat it. I've got 15 speakers to unload in the next half-hour" he tells her romantically. She grins, takes the pass, and exits.

This is a weird, trashy little video that could have been done better but has an offbeat casualness to the sex that is unique.

One final word: Jef Hickey is soon-to-be former husband of stage, screen and literary star, Tyfanny Million, co-author of Darklady's new book. (A book worth checking out.) He's a strange looking man with a truly enormous, multiply pierced penis. A big pull for you body artists out there. I give this video a thumb up... but I'm using someone else's thumb.

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