Top Ten Signs You Hang Out In Strip Clubs Waaay Too Much

10. When you hear Nine Inch Nails on the radio you automatically look around for naked girls.

9. You can make cute little animals out of folded dollar bills.

8. At church groups you meet a lot of guys who swear they've met you before but can't remember where.

7. You lay dollar bills along the bedpost before your wife comes to bed.

6. On payday you automatically go to the bank to cash your check and ask for it all in ones.

5. Your wife has your divorce papers served at the local strip club.

4. You have to suppress the urge to clap after every song on the radio.

3. You find yourself using strip bars as landmarks when giving directions.

2. You only date girls who wear g-string underwear.

1. You turn on your radio and hear your girlfriend talking about you to Adam Corolla on Love Line.

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