CD-Rom Revolutions 4.10
The Asian Palate
New Machine Publishing
Mac & PC

This disc was a pleasure to work with. It has tons of rich content (i.e., smooth-skinned Asiatic beauties with lots of `I’m-so-naughty’ white panty shots), a teeny-tiny, hard-drive-space-friendly interface that is attractive, cleverly done, and easy to use; and finally, the pictures as a whole are beautifully (and artistically) created and presented.

The photos are entirely soft-core, but they are unquestionably some of the better soft-core cheesecake photos I’ve seen. The disc’s internal structure is also reasonably obvious and easily allows browsing of the graphics with your favorite image viewing program.

One note, however – for some cryptic reason, the directory "GIFS" in the root directory of the CD-ROM doesn’t actually contain any images, although a similar directory right next to it called "JPGS" does. (The actual .GIF images are stored inside a directory called "GIFS" inside of another directory called "PC.") All of the images are of superb quality, both in .GIF and .JPG format.

A winner in construction; a winner in content; a winner in presentation. Viva la difference!

Dream Lovers
Starring: Joe Romero, Rob Boxxer, Slave Dale, Tony Marx

Dream Lover is, in the end, a somewhat painful disc to work with. The gay players in the footage are affectionate, attractive, and seem to have a good time; but the footage is broken up strangely and inconclusively (cumshots are rare) and in some cases, duplicated (we see the same scene but from a slightly different angle).

This disc claims to be interactive, but aside from their rather plain-jane, clumsily all-overlarge text, underdescriptive menuing system, I was presented with nary a mid-flight choice, if you know what I mean, and the purpose or need for the duplicated footage (found while brute-force browsing the disc in the X:\MOVIES directory) is never adequately explained to this viewer's satisfaction.

Aside from the dark trappings of evil from the disc's producers as mentioned above, the rest is actually quite tasty. Many happy blowjobs, threesomes, a shower sequence (no, not golden), the odd dream sequence, and some grimacingly enthusiastic solo masturbation serve as a cherry on the top of the entire heap.

Give this disc a try if this sort of gay porn is your bag of ferrets, but don't even bother running any of their code. Use whatever sort of digital movie player you've got to bypass all of it and browse the disc manually. You'll be glad you did. These are only a few of the CD-ROMs available at Taboo Video.

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