Weird Burlesque
Eros Comix

Sounding reveille for this month's parade of adult comics is Weird Burlesque, perhaps the most enjoyable book I've ever read and reviewed for this column. Written and drawn by Stephen Holman, this little gem was released in 1994 and escaped my wide-eyed gaze for years until a dark, pretty filly tossed it my way. Weird Burlesque is all about camp humor, about laughing at the often absurd adult entertainment biz, and about the Rosy Mollusc's unbridled, bizarre stage performers in 1959. If the stage manager could just keep everyone from screwing each other to death backstage...

Crystal Breeze Unleashed
High Impact Comics
Nyght Games
Brahless Comics

I've lumped these two comics together because they both strive to be adult adventure comics and they're both drawn in styles similar to today's teenage superhero books. Only a few sex scenes are scattered throughout, with paper-thin plots and absurd fight sequences taking up most of our time.

Crystal Breeze Unleashed, "starring" the cartoon image of adult nudie star, Crystal Breeze, wants to be a high-paced work of government intrigue. There is one splash page full of sex, a few corny jokes, and lots of boobs.

Nyght Games, written and illustrated by Michael Halbleib, is a bit more creative. This is about a female vampire vixen's attempt to stand in the way of a vampire lord's plan to overrun the earth. The standout in this tome is "Savyeur," an insane urban superhero who pees on criminals. Nyght Games is every bit as hokey and clunky as Crystal Breeze Unleashed, but its elements of bizarre fantasy give us a smidgen more adult weirdness to chew on.

Girl Presents Body Heat
Black Lace Studios

Kevin Taylor is an excellent artist with a skilled, warm style who usually draws fantasy adventure books. His coloring is astonishing and his stories are imaginative. Every once in a while, though, he has to go off in a sex-filled tangent and his Girl comics deliver page-by-page of gang-banging and bungholing. Girl gets kudos for delivering this month's best sex ratio by far, with some kinky things going on about every page. Taylor makes us privy to embarrassing, even painful, moments in a young sex kitty's daily life. Jaleira is a girl who just wants to get to school, but her neighbors and classmates keep talking her into screw sessions that wind up being more than she bargained for. There are also two backup stories featuring a daydreaming cowgirl and a way too-hung record store clerk.

No foolin', this golden April shower of two-dimensional, naughty artworks can be found at the Bad Kitty Outlet.

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