This month it’s the FAQ’s and nothing but the FAQ’s. Okay, a little newsgroup background, too.

What’s a FAQ? Why, it’s a special Usenet file (Frequently Asked Questions) with information about a specific newsgroup. Each FAQ is unique, with some providing information about the newsgroup’s philosophy and history, others answering common questions concerning the newsgroup’s topic.

Since Fetish Night has become such a big hit here in Portland, let’s start off with: (a list of FAQ links)

a.s.b. (as it’s called by those in the know) is swamped with the dreaded Spam (unsolicited advertisements). In fact, most adult topic newsgroups are fighting this scourge. Posters in the newsgroup are currently discussing a number of topics, among them how to deal with the Spam, which can get so thick that it’s hard to find actual posts. Other topics include early bondage experiences, heterosexism, real vs. fantasy rape, and pointers to a straw poll concerning reorganizing the newsgroup.

You’ll also find a fair number of binaries (pictures), although they take up valuable bandwidth and really belong in, , alt.binaries.erotica.fetish or any of the other related binary groups.

The a.s.b. introductory FAQ is an excellent resource for the beginner, the bondage-curious, or anyone looking for an articulate explanation of sensitive topics that they can show to the confused. Subsections cover topics on what the meanings of various terminology, such as “scene,” “safeword,” top,” and “bottom,” as well as lots of sensible information about safety, why various types of play are pleasurable, how to throw a play party and how to get a.s.b. info if your provider has locked the newsgroup out. The FAQ is truly international, with Japanese, German and Italian translations available online. There are also links to sub-FAQ’s about Japanese bondage and self-bondage.

Here’s a snip from question #9: "Why is Bondage Fun?":

“Lots of reasons. For many people, the knowledge that they are helpless, that someone else can do things with their body and they can’t prevent them, is a powerful turn-on. `I’m going to make you come and there’s nothing you can do about it.’ That’s a strong statement of trust to let someone bind you helplessly, or even non-helplessly. How erotic, to feel yourself spread open, wanton and wet, and to see your lover kneeling between your legs, ready to use you for their pleasure – or to pleasure you unendurably...

For others, the simple sensation of bondage feels good. Tight constriction can create very intense stimulation, and lots of tight bondage can be a sensory trip, just as a whipping scene can be. Bondage can feel comforting, pleasantly confining; you don’t need to worry about anything, since what can you do? you’re all tied up, and all that’s left is to enjoy.

For yet others, it's a charge to struggle, to let your body lose control. It can really intensify an orgasm when you come with every muscle straining against your bonds, trying to get your hands free to smash your lover's face into your crotch, your body shaking. if you weren't tied down you'd hurt yourself!”

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