OK, so it goes like this. Doctors say that they are trying to make you better, but they only make money if they keep you sick. So, why would they want to make you so you can’t get sick any more if you could just fire 'em for doing such a good job?

It seems to me that if you get rid of doctors, you will get rid of sickness. See, the way they go about keeping us paying is simple. They start out by inventing the cure for a disease, then they make a disease and let it loose to go around killing and making a bunch of people feel like shit. Then, they say that they need a million dollars every month to try to find a cure, even thought they know what the cure is. After about five to 10 years, depending on how much damage the disease is causing, they announce that they have found the cure. Everyone gets all excited, but then they say that they were wrong and they need more money.

After a few more years, they release a different disease, let it get the main spotlight, and cure the first disease so that they can ask for more money to cure this new disease. There are lots of different groups of doctors doing this and that’s why there are so many different diseases at one time.

Other than the common cold, every disease is created by these different groups of doctors. The doctors learned long ago that if they got together and formed corporations to make all of the pills and shit that people need to make themselves forget that they have any of the diseases, they could make a bunch more money without ever having to give up the cure. They could just keep certain people sick enough to need drugs every day, but not give them something that would kill them instantly. This way they can sit back and rake in the cash.

It’s these big corporations of doctors who are making billions off of keeping sick people sick who should be given the diseases they are making medicine for.

Seriously, the best way to cure cancer would be to give the heads of the largest corporations in the world cancer. I guarantee that within six months there would be no more cancer. This process would work with every life threatening disease that is known (and probably a bunch we don’t even know about).

With these obvious answers to common problems of sickness, it is not too hard to figure out that all doctors are actually aliens (or humans that are working for aliens) and that the only sickness in the world is actually some form of alien life that thrives on some type of parasitic invasion of humans. It may seem like this is a little far fetched, but think about it. When was the last time a doctor was able to explain anything in any language that resembles something spoken on this planet? It never happens. They are actually being honest about the alien invasions and think that it is funny that we can’t understand them when they speak in alien, but nod our heads and act like we are following just so we don’t look dumb.

So, the next time a doctor is trying to explain something to you just say, “Look, I’m not going to understand what you are saying so just give me the shot, take my money and let me go home.”

It really takes away all of the fun these aliens are having here on earth and may just make them go home and quit making everyone sick.

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