Top 10 Excuses for Your Car Being Parked at a Strip Club

10. "Well, there must be another green '85 Camaro convertible with a large dent on the driver's side door, dear."

9. "I ran out of gas, honey."

8. "We decided to throw another bachelor party for Joe."

7. "I was doing a bid for a remodeling contract so I could buy you that new Bill Blass outfit, sweetheart."

6. "I was doing research on a book I'm writing... Yeah, a book. Didn't I tell you?"

5. "Oh, I let Ted borrow my car for a couple hours..."

4. "I got hired to do part-time undercover work for the OLCC."

3. "The McDonald's parking lot where we were eating was full, baby."

2. "My car was stolen earlier today and they found it about an hour ago."

1. "Strip bar? Was that a strip bar???!?"

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