CD-Rom Revolutions 4.11
Streets of L.A.
Pleasure Productions

Starring: Jesse Skyler, Rick Van, Tony Belmonte, Spenser Allan...

This is a disc of gay porn apparently shot (literally) on the streets of Los Angeles. In fact, aside from the usual slim far-too-blond men sporting off-and-on- erections, the most remarkable thing about Streets is the number of public places these guys have apparently screwed, replete with cameraman and crew.

During a particularly stirring (yawn) car sex scene, the camera turns towards the sun setting over the ocean, and we see two (!gulp!) LAPD guys in a patrol car troll slowly along the edge of the parking lot, slow, turn on their flashers and cruise straight towards us. The scene cuts away to one of our dear effeminate friends, who serenely announces: “Well, they caught us. But they just thought we were kinky, and didn’t realize we were filming a porn flick. So now we’ll move the action back to my place.”

And, O Favourite Reader, that is exactly what they do. The disc continues on with very little variance from the typical gay-porn scriptwriting - boy meets boy, boy removes pants, etc, taking place in lots of alleyways and back lots, mixed pretty heavily with indoor apartment scenes. There isn’t as much outdoorsy stuff as one might hope from the opening scene, but it’s not disappointing enough to rename the disc `The Streets and Apartment Floors of Los Angeles’.

Explicit Stills
Glowing Icons
Mac & PC

This is an adequate collection of nearly 3,000 still images. Let me describe it in sound bites:

GOOD: Tons of images. The online documentation confidently trumpets that there are over 3,000 images on the disc, but that simply ain’t so. A simple check revealed that there are only 2,885 files total, and that includes several dozen files for the included picture viewer and documentation. The images are high-quality JPEG’s, with Sagan-esque `millyuns & millyuns’ of colors. They are sorted extremely well - several subdirectories on the disc are 3_4SOMES, NUDES, SEKA, ORAL, XXXXX, WET_BALL, SOFTSTUF (that’s cheesecake), LOVERS (wonderful!),CUMSHOTS (of course), CUMAGAIN (oh please), and my personal favorite, INTERACE. Each of those subdirectories holds several hundred images.

EVIL: This isn’t a huge complaint, but there could be more variety within each subdirectory. Sometimes there are only two or three sets of people in each batch, which means several dozen pictures of each scene.

CONCLUSION: This is a slick disc, but while you’re out renting it, grab something else as well, because this isn’t really a full evening’s worth of entertainment.

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