Letters 4.11


Your stuff is lame and tame. It doesn't deserve an X rating. But, what do you expect for free?

-- eliyahu via e-mail

Good question and one I'm sure your father spent his life asking himself. Maybe if you subscribed to the print version of our magazine(s) you'd like us better. Then again, maybe you chase after cars and pee on your girlfriend's leg.


I love you. Hi! I'm Yoo.

-- kag via e-mail

Well, goo-goo-ga-choo to you, too, Yoo.

Michael Macabre,

I appreciate your respectful and more than casual notice of the link between eros and yin/yang. In the recent [Exotic Magazine] you brought up important (to me, anyway) issues about that link and women in the erotic industry that I would like to write to you about... and would like to get your insight on, if possible. Are you up for that? By the way, where are you DJ-ing? I visit some of the clubs fairly regularly.

--Neal via e-mail

I am humbled by your appreciation, thank you. Although I have made a pact not to mention any club names. I can give you a hint as far as where I work. Sure have been a lot of legal types around lately and isn't that a crock? I've worked in places that make this look like Mother Teresa's summer home.

Gary Aker,
Re: Article, Spirit Mountain, April 1997

Congratulations -- the best article with explanations -- as a serious player (I go to Vegas 6 - 7 times a year) I wish more tourists could read your expertise. Good job.

-- O. via snail mail

Re: Commands

i think you should show us her vagina.

We really hate to be too anal-retentive (although that would put us near the vagina, I suppose) but who, exactly, would "her" be? Thanks for writing. We'll call you if we have any... er... openings.

Re: April Tales of the Darklady

Great article. (Sounds like you went to Catholic school, too.)

-- Buscemi via e-mail

Actually, due to the fact that God and Mammon run the Catholic schools jointly, I was able to avoid attending them since tuition would have affected my mother's exercise equipment addiction. But I often fantasize about wearing plaid skirts, white blouses and Mary Janes while defending myself from flying rulers. Weird, huh?

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