Since I pretty much slammed the vampire spoof, Nyght Games, (Brahless Comics) last month, I've decided to feature several examples of adult vampire comics worth reading.

Fang (seven issues)
Sirius Entertainment

Kevin Taylor's hardcore sex book, Girl, overshadows his Fang series on a sex ratio scale, and his action romp, Model By Day, overshadows Fang in fistfights, but you're guaranteed two things in any Taylor comic: big tits and frequent butt shots. Fang begins with a three issue origin tale, in full color, that's highly recommended. Most of this deal's with Francesca's quest to find her mother in Silo City, a city overrun by "fangs" (vampires), and how Francesca becomes a unique werewolf/ vampire hybrid through a series of trials. The final four issues, titled Fang: Testament, are black and white and a little more plot-heavy, so you sex freaks'll probably prefer the fast action, full-color nippledom of the first three comics.

Vamps (two graphic novels)
DC Comics/Vertiga

Ha! I just threw this in so you'll know what to look for if you're stuck in a bookstore in the mall. There's sex and violence in these comic novels, titled Vamps, with the sequel being Vamps: Hollywood and Vein, but it's just PG-13 stuff. Five vampire babes do a Thelma and Louise thing across the country, with a former male clansman out to get them all. As far as carnal comix go, this is like getting a 12-ounce can of Diet Pepsi when what you really want is six espresso shots.

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