Ok, so it goes a bit like this. One of the earlier conspiracies that I pointed out was the HARP project, where the government was using these ionospheric heaters to do various things. They could cause a blast similar to a bomb, knock out all electricity from one town to an entire hemisphere, or bounce extremely low frequency waves off of the ionosphere that would dull a person's senses and make them feel tired and stupid. They have been working hard to perfect the different levels of these extremely low frequencies to cause different effects on people.

The newest frequency that they have been projecting targets the large segment of our society that holds completely menial jobs. It gives these people, who would otherwise be making near minimum wage for most of their lives, a seriously megalomaniacal bent. In other words, it makes them feel that the job they do is the only thing that keeps the people they work for in business.

It seems that the government started transmitting these waves some time ago, but they have recently found a way to filter out a sub wave that was causing too many cases of depression and paranoia. Now they have isolated the wave that allows them to manipulate this portion of society in the manner that will cause the most detriment to the true capitalist way of life.

This beam, once it reaches its maximum amplification, will cause these people to believe that, without them, the world would stop rotating. Now, the majority of these people will be able to go on with the things that they do and resist the temptation to make outrageous demands, but a few who are overly sensitive to this carrier wave, will become completely irrational and start demanding the highest wages. They will, rightly so in their own minds, begin to ask for more and more until they are finally terminated (if it doesn’t happen with the first outrageous demand).

Once they are no longer employed, they will become a burden on society and eventually be put into shelters for their own well-being. Once in the shelters, they will slowly disappear and be shipped off to other worlds.

See, this whole deal is a big alien plot so that they can take these people off of our planet and use them in zoos and as amusement park rides on other planets. Now, here is the conspiracy part. The aliens are not planning on giving us back the minerals that are in these people’s bodies. They are planning on just trading technology, weapons, etc., for the bodies that have irreplaceable minerals. This is a major loss. The minerals in a human body have a current market value of $2.65. Once tens of thousands of these people have been removed from our planet, the values of these minerals could go up, perhaps even tenfold. This must not be allowed to happen.

It is imperative that we nip this conspiracy in the bud and take care of these poor deranged souls ourselves. So, when your secretary comes up to you this month and tells you that she is the only reason that things in your office are working smoothly, just pat her on the rear and say “You need some fucking help.” Then, do everything you can to get her on some sort of antidepressant that will counter act the affects of this horrible alien radio wave.

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