CD-Rom Revolutions 4.12
TV/TS Movie Stars, Vol. 1
Bizarre Video

Mac & PC

This title’s a right pain to come up with a snappy first sentence for -- it’s such a mixture of, well, terrifically attractive feminine men in drag, terrifyingly unattractive unfeminine men in drag, plausible pre-ops, and decidedly improbable post-ops. All of the photos are promo stills, meaning no hard-core; merely stagey video-box art.

Aside from the personages involved in, and the art created by, these promo pix, the vids being subtly advertised also reflect this unusually well-polarized yin-and-yang of beauty and... something in the `else’ category. Strongly pushed are bondage, faux biker babes, ersatz kidnappings, enforced transvesticism, discipline, leather, latex, food products, waterbeds, co-eds, golden showers, and for all I know, sexual use of crayons. Really, it’s the same sort of drivel that permeates more public and prosaic pornography for the prurient; and viewed in that blacklight-lit funhouse mirror of drag queens and those who are not as others, it’s seen with a new and fascinating edge of strangeness and occasional attraction.

Flip through it with your favorite friends and perhaps later flail your flagellum with delight -- no one will know but thee and me.

Girls of J. Stephen Hicks
New Machine

Mac & PC

This disc, while living up to its own advertising reasonably well, doesn’t manage to soar much beyond it. It professes to be (and largely is) nothing more than a collection of proto-Playboy-esque heavily

Vaseline-lensed cheesecake pix with an overdone attempt at a browsing system. The pictures are rather oversized .TIF’s; the browser is mediocre-to-painful in construction, and on the whole this disc is an homage to Barbie and all her friends, in all their sterile, inhuman, sexless beauty. (I’m trying to communicate that all these women seem to subtly resemble 19-year-old versions of that Jon-Benet girl – blonde hair, blue eyes, strong Aryan-nation stuff all the way.) Purchase this as a gift for your freshly 18-year-old younger brother; he’ll love it.

However, to keep things balanced, I will mention that the photography is good; there is some clever costuming and setup, as is required by this flavor of boudoir photography, and there are some terrific outdoor location shots that I admit I enjoyed. Having said that – it might be a good idea to go rent Legends Of Porn 4 or something instead.

Love 'em or hate 'em (or do both at the same time), you can find 'em both at Taboo Video.

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