Letters 4.12


Your stuff is lame and tame. It doesn't deserve an X rating. But, what do you expect for free?

-- eliyahu via e-mail

Good question and one I'm sure your father spent his life asking himself. Maybe if you subscribed to the print version of our magazine(s) you'd like us better. Then again, maybe you chase after cars and pee on your girlfriend's leg.


Just wanted to say thanks for the ragin' party you and those crazy mutherfu#!$% Black Fly dudes put on the other night @ Doc's!!!!!! The contestants were all winners as far as I'm concerned! And the Lick Sisters are "the bomb" as they say! I just wish I could have gotten those two blonde sisters names and where they can be seen. Maybe if my bar tab wouldn't have been $100 I would have been a little more sober to pay attention to these things. Either way, me and my girlfriend had a great time we won't soon forget. I hope the girls can spend ALL that money with the Black Fly stickers on it. Peace.

--tonyf via e-mail


Have you considered selling hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts or other merchandise with the Exotic logo on them? They would publicize your publication and be conversation pieces for the wearers.

Also, I read that you got a lot of complaints about your March cover photo. I personally thought it was really well done. While revealing very little, it was quite sexy, thanks in large part to model Tazz's pose and expression (which is probably why it bothered so many people!). Keep the controversy coming. Some of us still appreciate it.

-- satchell via e-mail

Us? Controversial? Ya really think so? Tazz is a vision of sweet naughtiness, isn't she? The perfect un-cover girl. I love the idea of caps or T-shirts and who knows what the future holds?


I'd like to thank you for your articles from Jimmy Doyle. A Secret Life is something that I look forward to every month. His words are exactly how I've felt about my foot fetish for years. I'd like to have his e-mail address if possible, so I can correspond with him.

-- husky via e-mail


Oh, my god, it is so true. Everything you said. I used to think I was the only one who would steal glances at a woman's booted leg. The part about the girls in school and memorizing their boots... you've completely read my mind! All of it is exactly how I feel about a woman in boots. I'm not alone after all.

-- Sttatharos via e-mail

So, what you two are trying to say is that you really like our boot fetishist column, am I reading you right? As a boot-lovin' woman (both wearing and looking) I agree with you 100%. We're not letting Jimmy go, so keep reading. Heck, subscribe and a nice glossy copy will come to live with you ever month!

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