Delores On Demand
This site’s a pleasure. It’s got lots of weirdly interesting text, it’s created and maintained by a real, live human woman, there’s some nice PhotoShop work around the edges, and in addition to all this, the lovely Delores is apparently a `zine-creator-and-publisher – subscriptions are free, although back issues will cost you pennies on the dollar. Yes, many pictures of the delectable Delores are available for downloading and salivation. (She’s a quite beautiful raven-eyed-and-haired lady.) Dolores even provides an instruction manual for herself, her site, and her past in a subsegment on the page called `Virgin Territory’ – did you know she used to be a hooker? (“Cool!” from the peanut gallery.)

Sensual ElectriX, Inc.
This is a on-line catalog of some of the weirdest sex toys I’ve ever seen. These thingies are specifically designed to enhance sexual pleasure through strategic use of low-grade electrical shocks. (No, I am not joking.) There is a serious flaw in this site, however – while pictures of this strange and mysterious equipment are well-presented, the accompanying text covers the base technical details of the unit in question but doesn’t answer more obvious questions, such as: “Doesn’t that hurt?” “Where does that attach?” or “Is this addictive in some weird way? Am I going to be found dead face-up in a cornfield in Oklahoma with a lightning rod attached to my seared penis?” These are the questions that taunt, linger, and leave a malodorous stain in one’s mind in the small hours of the night. However, there is a small, small footnote off in one corner: “Please e-mail if you would like more information on the female model in the kinky electric sex photos.” So I can get complete explanations for the software but not the hardware? Bogus.

Too Cool
This is no more and no less than a slick-looking, fast-loading horkin’ huge list of adult, music, travel, nudism, art, computer-toy, and eye-candy-based links, replete with relatively well-written and complete explanations. The list comes with a search engine, the capability to add fresh links (subject to Webmaster’s approval), or leave comments concerning links (subject to Webmaster’s approval). Included subjects are: “Donut Boy’s Shockwave Gaming Arcade,” “Drew’s Scripts-O-Rama” (he provides screenplays for TV), the home page for Lady Bee Records (home of `The Cell Mates,’ a nationally touring R&B group from Memphis), jazz CD catalogs with special-ordering and purchasing capabilities, “The North American Hunting Club,” and in a not unrelated entry, “Woofie Bones’ Wonderful World of Children.”

April 1996 Internet Graffiti
This is exactly what it sounds like. On this site you can submit and read other people’s verbal flotsam and jetsam. You’re allowed one line, and one line only, to make your immortal statement to the world. And how do we, denizens of this dirtball Earth, take advantage of this vast power? “Feel the love.” “I don’t see why an ordinary citizen needs an assault weapon and that includes Senator Rockefeller!” “Is there at least a consensus that if you don’t believe in Heaven, you’ll never get there?” “Harvey The Wonder Hamster disputes it, but I have been here longer than him!”!

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