Kink Show
Bon Vue Video
Starring: Roxanne Hall, Alexandria Dane...
Rex Rating: 2.5. Tongues

First off, let's get one thing straight: No hard cocks can penetrate any orifice when a person is in restraint. That's the obscenity law. Penetration could equal non-consensual sex, i.e., rape; hence, it's a video no-no. But a woman can receive cunnilingus while in restraint without crossing the same line. Hardly seems fair. That brings us to scene one in Kink Show, where-in the master is telling his slave girl, "Suck me off, you dirty little whore." The viewer must imagine, and trust, that is what's really going on. The camera angle obscures her sucking face. The sounds are convincing, but she could be slobbering on an underripe banana for all we know. Be that as it may, she seems to relish his beatings and verbal abuse. Erect nipples don't lie. Unless it was cold on the set.

Scene two gets quite a bit hotter as the slave girl in scene one is given her come-uppance by the Master's principal rear-end-reddening recipient. The girls play rougher together as the squirming sub reaches a panting, shrieking crescendo while bound and beaten in a chair.

Scene three finds our Master punishing the dom girl from scene two -- for beating his initiate so hard she ran away. At one point, while she is tied to a post receiving an ardent licking from her kneeling Master, she whimpers, "Beat me, beat me." Either his tongue technique is lacking or the girl is a real freak for pain. He goes on to beat her mercilessly, reddening every part of her body from her knees to her neck. Marks raised on her stomach like bright red lipstick herald the endorphin pain rush in her glassy eyes.

Kym Wilde's On the Edge Forty
RedBoard Video
Starring: Kym WIlde, Missy, Christina Angel, Mickey G., Charlie Wood
Rex Rating: 2 Tongues

Kym Wilde looks enough like the film noir screen queen, Linda Florentino (Jade), that you could rent any of her movies on her looks alone. In scene one, Wilde dominates a squishy blonde who is soooo passive that Wilde is forced to truss her up in green duct tape just to see if she can get any kinda heat out of her. No luck. On to scene two.

Wilde's dorky boyfriend shows up and takes over as the dom of the household. While Wilde is giving angst and attitude galore, taunting him with sleazy sarcasm, the so-called Master of this house is mailing in his performance. As writer, producer and director, Ms. Wilde has only herself to blame. I'd like to punish her myself for hiring these supporting stiffs.

In scene three, the Latin Master gets more serious with blonde ditz number two. Ms. Wilde joins the fray and soon takes over as the principal recipient of pain. She takes an incredible licking and keeps on ticking, shooting off sarcastic one-liners. Once again, we can see our sub actress enter the endorphin zone. No surprise here. I got tendinitus in my elbow just watching the beating Wilde took from the cat-o-nine-tails. Try explaining that kind of repetitive motion injury to your doc. I had to conclude that Ms. Wilde makes her movies for the love of the beatings she takes along the way.

You can beat feet over to Taboo Video if you want to see these videos yourself.

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