Word Jazz 4.12

Different Parts of the Same Story.

Who put the bojo on the one who is so low? And who thought somebody didn’t know how? But who got the stitches and is losin’ the riches and who’s on the blacklist now? Who said it’d upset ya’ when the shit finally hit ya’ and who ain’t got a friend in the world now? And who’s gonna listen when you’re talkin’ what you’re missin’ `cause ya’ ain’t nobody now `cause you found out it’s too true, ya’ don’t fuck with voodoo. And who got the mojo now?

PleasePleasePlease. Sometimes I say I'm going to put this in my column or that in my column, and it doesn’t get in the very next month. It usually gets in the one after that. I’m so very sorry. I really do my very best to keep my word. However, I have many things I want to say and sometimes it all doesn’t fit. If I don’t get your bit in, please don’t corner in a club when I'm trying not to think about work and make me feel like shit or embarrass me in front of people I don’t even know! Miss T ... consider this your mention.

I have no control over the cover of Exotic Magazine. Darklady has no control over the cover of Exotic Magazine. Doc, Bobby, Scot, Elaine, Rex, Gary, and Jimmy Doyle have no control over the cover of Exotic Magazine. Dan, Karla, and Vincent have no control over the cover of Exotic Magazine. The guy sitting next to you, even President, Clinton has no control over the cover of Exotic Magazine. If you want to be on the cover, you figure it out. When you do, let us know because we all want to be on the cover, too!

So somebody says to somebody else, "I just don't get John Henry's columns. I mean, what is he saying. Who are these people?" Hey, just because I write it doesn’t mean I understand it! Anyway, what I sorta, kinda, had in mind when I first started writing this stuff was a novel about the biz, till one day it was like "so much for that idea." I guess it’s probably more like a journal. But not just for me, it’s for everybody. I’m in and out of 35 - 40 adult businesses a day, seven days a week, all over town and I see everybody all the time. I see the people you haven’t seen in years. They all tell me stuff. I tell everybody. I hardly ever write it. It more or less writes itself. I just ask people what they want to say or ask what I should write about. Sometimes I take two or three things and put them together and make up a story. Everyone goes somewhere; I go everywhere. I just take notes. But what it’s really about is all of us who live, work, and play in this wacky biz. Anyway, I think that’s what I mean.

This is long over due. I am on the road all the time .Usually with an overload of magazines. My car is over worked, and should be dead now, but I’m still on the road. How do I do it? Well,that fuckin’ T-bird forced me to learn how to fix a lot of things, and service stuff myself (and saved me a fortune). He is the true car god of the universe. Buy him a drink. Scott sold me an incredible amount of tools for an unbelievable price. Buy him a drink. John the ol’ Cowboy (503) 771-5974 does the cheapest and best transmission work in town, and he’s pretty cool, too. You might catch him at Montego’s. Buy him a drink. Thank you, and, not only do I thank you. Exotic readers all over this great land, thank you!

Cool Name Dept.: I met a guy at the Sandy Jug named Ronson. His Dad’s name is Ron. He’s Ron's son.

Am I out there this month or what? Call me if ya’ wanna (503) 604-8885. I’m The Real John Henry and all that jazz.

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