Licks and nibbles to ya! Here I am once again, your mainstream "queen!" The cable goddess! The mistress of moist! Charmed...

Today I have only one goal: to make your life more sensual in these progressive days of the '90s.

Ooooo! Let me start with your genitals. More specifically, your pubic hair. Guys, do you shave and trim? In addition to being very vogue, if you shave your love shaft all the way to your body cavity you will be amazed at how much bigger your swaying appendage will appear! Trust me. Woof, woof!

Have you considered getting one or both of your nipples pierced? A piercing can really heighten sensitivity. But perhaps you are a little more daring? Maybe you have a Prince Albert artistically displayed in your manhood. (In the event that you don't know what a Prince Albert is, it's when the tip of your dong is exquisitely pierced, partly through your pee hole.) It is an enhancer of pleasure for your sexual partners... I am told.

Since I am sounding like a wealth of eroticism, what do you know about anal stimulation? Probably very little (particularly about being on the receiving end), especially if you are exclusively a "breeder boy." However, your prostate is a hidden volcano of pleasure. Don't tell anyone, but to achieve that stimulation, you have to go directly via your bung hole! Uh huh. Hear me clearly, if it is done properly and for the correct amount of time, you can achieve a knock-out, long-lasting orgasm without even touching your tally wacker! Tickles my tuna! Charmed.

Safe sexual experimentation and awareness is one avenue which enables you to achieve a deeper understanding of human nature.

For instance, the act of having a same-sex encounter... The very mention of that may make some of you shrink with fear... or engorge with excitement. Now, you may be thinking, "If I do that, I will be a 'homosexual.'" Nonsense. I always say, "A vegetarian who has an occasional hamburger is still a vegetarian!" I rest my case. In some instances your same-sex adventure can serve as a moist turn-on for your pussy-equipped girlfriend! You bet! Men have "popped off" at lesbian scenes and fantasies for centuries, what makes you think the tables can't be turned? Dippity-do, dippity-do! When you come right down to it, sex with everyone is pretty much the same, except some of the bumps are in different places. Uh huh. Oils my oysters! But, if a guy/guy scene just is not for you, your prostrate doesn't need to be denied! There are plenty of fun anal toys available that your lady love can wear or use with a free hand. Just imagine... fellatio, while she slips her hands between your cheeks and... magic!

Readers, your bodies are made with sensitive nerve endings in certain places for a purpose: your pleasure! If you think mounting, pumping, and dumping your spooge is all there is... then you are leaving a wealth of sensuality untapped.

So, little stud muffins, shed your inhibitions! Be a little daring! You might become passion's plaything. Believe me, Snickers knows.

Smooches till next time.

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