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Hot Leather 2: Levels of Doom
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Mac & PC

Hot Leather 2: Levels Of Doom is the most incredible piece of crap that I have seen for some time. This pathetic pseudo-Doom game uses Quicktime spliced together to mimic a (vaguely) pornographic version of Doom. The problems? An atrociously spliced-together interface that is largely advertising, the outrageously bad QuickTime mimic of the time-honored Doom engine, a series (two) of utterly pathetic (and yet strangely invulnerable) monsters, the slaughter of which yields – 30 seconds of wet nasties bouncing on your screen. Ho-fucking-hum.

This disc is insulting because it begs you to buy it so pathetically; this disc is insulting because it has the audacity to appeal to Doom players; this disc is insulting because only several small species of crayfish would find it challenging; this disc is insulting because the mechanical aspects of moving through a 3-D space are clunky, slow, almost entirely unanimated, and bear almost to absolutely no resemblance to the game engine whose name they are waving like a beacon, and this disc is insulting because it wants two hours more effort than anyone in their right mind is willing to give. Anyone who is capable of doing so is going to turn this disc off inside of 20 minutes and begin browsing the movies manually from the \MOV directory on the disc.

Don’t buy, borrow, rent, steal, or use this disc for traction. Rent a Barney movie instead or something.

Pleasure Park 2
Private Media Group

PC & Mac

This dark multimedia extravaganza demonstrating the clear link between commerce and sex floats to the top of the digital septic tank. This disc has a fairly linear plotline – you’re wandering through a vaguely gothic simulated universe, set in and around the environs of a whorehouse, flinging cash left and right and attempting to bribe all who come near you to perform a broad spectrum of illicit acts, consisting of the usual girl-girl action, oral, vaginal, anal, two-on-one, etc.

This is pretty cool. For one thing, it’s well put together technically – the animated bits fit smoothly and seamlessly into the backgrounds and are scattered very cleverly throughout the disc. Stand near a window long enough and eventually you’ll see someone stroll by outside. No massive plot point – just a bit of clever scenery to make your interactive experience a little more realistic. Also, the artwork in the virtual world has a neat feel to it – gritty and dark, this universe has a decor that I like to think of as Neo-Grunge Darth Vader. (Private appears to agree with my aesthetic appreciation of this disc – I’ve noticed that they’ve ripped off some of the art from this title and patched it badly into some of their other products. Not a good fit, on the whole.) As a final point, all of the sexual scenes really made me quite hard – and seemed to have some appeal to the infamous Darklady, too, who gave me the honor of viewing this disc with me.

Both discs can be found at Taboo Video.

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