Eros Comics
Luca Tarlazzi

Vixxxen features the sexploits of a daring, sharing couple: Italian porn star Selen and her slick, orgy-bound boyfriend, Fabio. We are given no indication as to whether these erotic vignettes, taking place in the space of one week, are true, partially-true, or just fantasies thought up by our lonely star. But this book rides a recent trend in which real-life porn stars get their lives "translated" into the wonderfully sequential world of comics.

We find Selen and Fabio first at a raging dance party where Selen strays into a nearby parking lot to chance into a threesome with two young men in "dad's car." This whole book has a comedic tone, especially during Tarlazzi's "cum shots," where he tends to draw a male character's face during orgasm, instead of just a dick dripping or a face getting smeared. There's something about the dialogue in Vixxxen which is also a cut above most adult comics. This is partially due to the European knack for being able to be playfully fun with sex-speak, and partially due to Stefano Gaudiano's translation of this work. Gaudiano is an artist who has produced amazing work in the states for Renegade Press and Dark Horse Comics.

With a playful tone throughout, Vixxxen follows Selen from the party to a beach -- a nude beach -- where she gets into another threesome with Fabio and a Czech tourist. "Come on, Conan... do her right!" urges Fabio, followed by one of this book's funniest lines (find out for yourself!). Another threesome, then Selen's off to the doctor to get her aching butt checked out.

Vixxxen is 51 pages of magazine-sized art with four pages of nude photos of the real Selen. Tarlazzi's coloring seems to be an excellent blend of watercolors and colored pencils, and his characters' facial expressions keep this graphic novel fun, and funnier, than most porn-star based comics on the market.

Venus Comics
Paul Way

Keep an eye out for this March 1997 release, which just recently came my way. This black and white comic is a wordless romp through a virtual reality "cyberfuck." The art is fetching and the sex scenes are varied. The main character gets "virtually double-penetrated" by two snakes, among other things.

Thanks to Counter Media at 927 SW Oak in Portland for the loan.

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