So how many of you spent a night in jail (or should have) because of all those naughty words I included in last month's column? Let's see a show of hands... hmmm... your hands seem to be busy. I guess you were too busy to get into trouble. Well, here it is... a list of some of the Web sites that CyberSitter considers detrimental to the minds of the young and sensitive. I've snipped all the obvious ones and left some that you might not be familiar with and I'm counting on you to surf over and check them out. I think you'll be surprised by some of what is forbidden. When you do make a connection, tell them Exotic Magazine sent you... with the help of the ever-friendly CyberSitter. :)

ISP's & Web Services

Free Speech/Education

Popular Culture/Art


Of course there's more. There always is. In fact, (where the Exotic Magazine web site resides) is just one of dozens of other sites blocked. It's no shock that sex related sites are blocked, but I was surprised at the number of college, web developers, mainstream software manufacturers, and free speech sites that made the hit list. Heaven forfend a child should learn to think!

Well, surf well and next month you'll meet your new columnist.

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