Sex 4 Life
Starring: China Cat, Jeanna Fine, Jon Dough, Misty Rain, Rianna Star, Vanessa Chase

It was getting so bleak in those last days of porno watching that I was beginning to think I would never enjoy a dirty movie again. As I was ready to ship out to the Tibetan monastery some Californication media satyr must have heard my anguished cry and delivered unto the "X Pub" orifice two titles I could finally sink my teeth into (since I'm not sinking any firm part of me into anything else these days).

The nifty Sex 4 Life is a loyal lampoon of infomercials, interspliced with a storyline about a relentless media hound trying to track down anyone at the Sex 4 Life company who will give him a sample of the product. Of course, he keeps getting the run-around as he queries the bold assed claims of Sex 4 Life. After many examples of the product's benefits are splashed across the screen -- in the form of sexual liaisons among the spokesmodels and guests -- the media hound finally gets to partake of the product with the infomercial hostess (in the hallway on an office chair) and then join in an orgy on the informercial set.

Whoever directed this (I couldn't find any credits before or after the video) spliced together a tasty variety of videography: sepia-toned, slow-motion, and mock-amateur-available-light footage. Then they served it up with an original techno and grunge rock score that was actually worth hearing. And the guffaws lampooning infomercials, and the media hound trying to get a sample, are faithfully adhered to from start to finish. This is a fun, creative, sexy, hip video you could actually pop in at a party and see, well, what Sex 4 Life can do for you.

Starring: China Cat, Jeanna Fine, and a cast of 20 or so more.

This mind bending video has more sex scenes, especially fellatio, than you'd find anywhere except on one of those cheap, ubiquitous compilations like 4 Hours of Cum Shots. Dreamhouse has shots of radio towers, giant penis shaped pipes, industrial landscapes and other surrealism interwoven into a long and winding stream of unusual sexual situations: a women's literary club where they read erotica and lick each other, accompanied by an erotica spoken word audio; a woman who eats burning candles; two women masturbating a man standing by a railing while watching a ship leave for sea, and other oddities. If Salvador Dali ever made a porno flick, this would be it.

Dreamhouse features an original score of musical treats that is equal to the dizzying breadth of the scenes. As the bizarre video finally winds down with a fade to white light and the Tibetan tantric choir audio under (does the Tibetan choir know about this!?), I was reminded of a Salvador Dali-ism: "I don't do drugs; I am drugs." And you might feel this way too, after experiencing Dreamhouse.

Taboo Video generously provided these videos for review.

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