CD-Rom Revolutions 5.03
Sex Quiz: A Sex Trivia Game & Movie
Pleasure Productions


Of all of the CD-ROM's I reviewed in this latest batch from Taboo Video, this one is hands-down (or penis-up) the absolute best. It has a nice looking/feeling interface, the quiz is actually a challenge, and the videos (your payoff for being reasonably well-read on the subject of sex) are really quite fun. An added bonus: many of the questions are actually informative. I tried out this disc in a mixed gender group setting – it’s great fun as a party game! We argued amongst ourselves about answers, and laughed good-naturedly at the poor sod who guessed wrong.

There are a few bits of weirdness to keep things counterbalanced, fortunately – after all, a critic simply feels like a fish out of water without something to complain about. For one thing, Darklady and I simply don’t agree with many of the answers to the sex quiz – for instance, neither of us buys the idea that a woman’s maximum orgasm is 30 seconds long. The second bit of weirdness is that this disc was apparently originally produced by a German company – so the first bit of dialogue with the program has not a bit of English on it to help you through. That’d be fine, except that the bit of the program designed to help the poor, hapless user figure out what language he’d like to play the game in is the bit that is in German. It took several random stabs at various buttons in the dialog boxes to figure out which thingy to click to get the basic installer to speak my language. On the other hand, it's fun to try to figure out the surprisingly chatty German dialogue during the sex videos.

In short, it’s a terrifically fun disc for personal use or as a party game – I especially recommend it for group use. (Keep your screen resolution low, though. Try 640x480.)

Sleaze Please! (August Edition)
Sunshine Films, Inc.

PC & Mac

This disc (with Bill Margold's face and some scarlet panties plastered all over it) has a weird interface; it mimics (badly) a calendar. Some of the calendar boxes are filled with salacious comments, such as “All Anals Day,” however, these appear to be entirely decorative. The real meat & potatoes (a pun?) appear to be in smudgy thumbnail images in the other squares of the calendar, and none of the thumbnails appear to have any relation whatsoever to the memoranda. The calendar that appears on the back of the CD cover says `August’ but has absolutely no resemblance to the menu that appears when the disc is actually loaded. This is frankly puzzling, but what the hell.

The sex scenes are exactly what you’d expect from a monthly smut disc that’s produced on a limited budget. You got your requisite girl/girl scene (on a trampoline, with Margold sliding in and out of camera range but not doing anything), your blow-to-doggie-style-to-anal scene, your cute hippie boy getting blown, and your two-girls-and-a-guy scene. There’s nothing surprising, although there is a nice, laid-back feel to the performers and their interactions with Margold; it’s like all of these people got tanked one weekend and decided to make a disc.

It’s not bad, but rent it with something else as a chaser.

Both discs can be found at Taboo Video.

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