For those of you who like to rent videos -- about two-thirds of the American population -- and I mean any kind of video (not just porn), it's getting stranger than fiction out there.

Witness the following free speech atrocity that took place in (it figures) Oklahoma City this summer. A US District Judge ruled that the Academy Award winning best foreign film from 1979, The Tin Drum, was obscene because a scene in the film depicts some imaginary fooling around between the tin drum banging boy and a teenage girl. Oh, brother.

So, naturally, the local police raided Blockbuster and Hollywood Video stores in an attempt to confiscate all copies of this obscene film. Failing to find all copies on file at the store, the local Nazis snatched up the stores' rental records and went to a private home which they entered (without any search warrant) and seized that abhorrent movie. Ironically, the movie also depicts the tin drum banging boy observing the Nazi Holocaust. But irony is usually lost on anti-obscenity zealots.

Here in Oregon, we have a First Amendment which makes obscenity protected speech. Of course, our legislature would like to re-write that. And should another referendum ballot measure succeed in re-writing our constitution, then we can look forward to any judge, at any time, ruling that anything is obscene; therefore, the local police have the right to break down your door and rip the offending tape right out of your VCR. Pleasant thought.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the JonBenet tabloid feeding frenzy, Adrian Lyne's (Flashdance, 9 1/2 Weeks, Fatal Attraction) 62 million dollar adaptation of Lolita languishes on a shelf because no distributor dares touch it. And that could be because Orin Hatch's Child Pornography Protection Act, with a wave of the legislative wand, has made classic films like The Last Picture Show obscene. No less than Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields began their careers playing 12-year-old prostitutes in Martin Scorceses' Taxi Driver and Louis Malle's Pretty Baby, respectively. In today's political climate, all three of the above films would have never been made and Lyne's big-budget vision of Lolita may never be released. If you live anywhere in the US where obscenity is not protected free speech (i.e., anywhere except Oregon and Hawaii) the police may be breaking down your door to rip the copy of Taxi Driver or Blue Lagoon out of your VCR.

Meanwhile, here in Portland, OR, I sampled a purposely raunchy video recently (hey, it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it) by that legendary pervert (in his own mind) Max Hardcore.

Maxed Out Three
Max Steiner Productions
Starring: Max, Kim Ji, and others...

Max Hardcore likes to grab his avid cocksuckers by the hair and throat and force feed them his hopelessly average penis til they gag. Max is so extreme in his misogynistic and degrading treatment of his porno puppies that Xplor Media, his former distributor, gave him and his product the heave-ho. If you like young sluts submissively slurping on gray haired daddy's meat straw, with plenty of drool shots and merciless ass fucking, then Max is your man.

Expanding the tasteless boundaries of porn, Max employs lighted speculums (those plastic things used in gynecological exams) inserted in every cum-drenched orifice. Why? I have no idea -- since he isn't playing doctor with the Asian eyeful, Kim Ji.

Maxed Out Three is a long way from The Tin Drum and its' available at Taboo Video. Excuse me while I shower.

Taboo Video generously provided these videos for review.

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