CD-Rom Revolutions 5.03
Domin-A-Tricks 1 & 2

Volume One is a fascinating collection of "home-grown" BDSM images hampered by atrocious organization and no user interface whatsoever.

The images, spread randomly across 21 anonymously named subdirectories, span almost every legally imaginable flavor of kink . There's foot worship, enemas, enforced transvestitism, face-sitting, cock and ball torture to a near-gangrenous level, needles, suspension, ropework, rubber, vinyl, latex, sadistic sodomy, group domination -- about the only thing that isn't covered is pre-adolescent male homosexual acts with zebras. The viewers provided on the disc suck, so just use whatever your favorite image viewer is. (Win95 freaks will do just fine since all images are in .GIF format so Internet Explorer should take right over and display them for you.)

There is a small directory containing some crude animations in .FLC format. A viewer is provided but didn't work right, regardless of how closely I followed the troubleshooting directions. Give the animations a miss.

The second half of the series, is a marked improvement in interface and design, although weaker in terms of breadth of selection.

This title features an easy-to-use menuing system for displaying several hundred digitized photographs. Each picture, as well as the navigation/option buttons below each picture, has a sound or sounds attached to it. Clicking on one or more spots on the graphic plays the sound.

The pictures are pretty cool, although they don't have the same range of body types and kink as the first disc. The sounds are also moderately slick, usually featuring a dominant female voice, and are occasionally very humorously placed. For example, one photo shows an Asian woman gently smothering someone with her luxuriant buttocks; clicking her image yields the sound "I do this in the name of my ancestors!" Sometimes the humor doesn't quite work. I first viewed this disc at a birthday party for the lovely Darklady and some of the sounds were so mismatched that they left us going, "huh?"

This disc is worth a look. Give it a try.

Play Mistress for Me

This is a hard one to write about. (Seriously. No pun intended.) On a technical level, it's fine. There's a well-done, slick interface; the movies are clearly labeled with nice, descriptive titles; the controls are easy to use and obvious; the video is respectably clear; and the audio is as crisp as compressed soundtracks can reasonably expect to get.

But on the other hand (and oh, that other hand is the downfall of so many projects), the two people that appear in this carnival of dominance and submission, bondage and discipline are... well... boring. The mistress oscillates between being lukewarm and laughable, and her 50-ish slave with rather peculiarly skinny legs is so submissive as to be almost nonexistent. Mistress Gena Talons could have done these scenes with an animatronic department-store dummy as opposed to Slave Dennis and I think that each scene would have retained the same quality of humanity -- possibly more.

Give it a try if you're really heavily into this sort of thing, and especially if you are interested in hypersubservient slaves; otherwise, I'd try something else -- almost anything else, in fact.

(Thanks to Taboo Video for letting me view these popular discs.)

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