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Early in the morning on September 3rd, a Portland escort was sexually assaulted at gunpoint by her client as she prepared to leave the completed assignment. The police were called and after an agonizing day of police inactivity, their advice to the hysterical woman was to get another job. Portland police philosophy concerning crimes against escorts apparently is this: it's all part of the job. I think we should keep that in mind the next time there's a hue and cry over an office killed in the line of duty. Hey, it's all part of the job... that's why they're issued Kevlar.

I realize that the police have a busy schedule of harassing streetwalkers and busting pot smokers, but you'd think that since they stopped dropping dead opposoms on black business owners' doorsteps they'd have more time to spare for violent crimes. Police spokesman, Cliff Madison, (503) 823-0097, informed me that this assault is being taken as seriously as the other 400 sexual assaults being investigated. I wonder if those other 400 assaults were handled as insensitively as this one. The officers had a victim who could make a positive ID of the suspect (who had not yet checked out of his motel room), the desk clerk remembered him, the victim was not referred for a medical exam, no officer was dispatched to the hospital once the victim (at the advice of a rape advocate) went in for an exam, and once an officer did appear (seven hours later) she informed the victim that taking a statement from her was "a waste of time." Well, there's sensitivity for you. Hospital staff alledge that this officer treats all sexual assault/rape victims with the same level of compassion. Detective Annette Kemp, (503) 823-0400, assured me that the department is investigating the case, does not believe it to be a serial crime and suggested that anyone with leads or questions contact the Sexual Assault Detail at (503) 823-0434.

Serial assault or not, there's a predator loose on our escorts, folks. A predator familiar with how escort services work and how the police department doesn't. A predator who informed his victim that he was willing to kill her and himself. A predator who delights in holding young women hostage, and abusing them emotionally and physically. Who is this man and how can you protect yourself from him?

The police have provided precious little help... maybe this was one of their hires gone terribly wrong (or terribly right... they do, after all, want to run the escort agencies out of business). If we had any assurance (other than their insistance that they're "investigating" it) that they were actually doing something about this, I would simply leave it to them, but let's face it, the police force has been no close friend of adult entertainment workers, so I'm providing you with the following information. Ladies, take it to heart, remember to use a "safeword" with your agency if you're ever in a dangerous situation, and please bring along a driver for security.

The man, using the name Jay Williams, is in his late 20's or early 30's and claims to have served in the Marines with special instruction in military surveillance. He said he does contract work for Horizon Air, building airplanes. He is not unattractive, approximately 5'11" and of stocky, muscular build with short, brown hair and brown eyes. The day the assault was committed he had called several agencies before settling on his victim.

As members of the sex industry, we're no strangers to the ignorance, cruelty, and dehumanizing behavior directed our way... often by those who claim to have our best interests at heart. But we owe it to ourselves and to one another to stand up for our rights. If you've suffered from an assault twice (once at the hands of your attacker and again at the hands of the police) please let me know. And never stop demanding your rights.

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