We all know that prison inmates, like Catholic priests, live completely sex-free lives, right? In direct opposition to the Jamaican reputation for being laid back and stoney, six Kingston prisoners died this past August during three days of prison riots sparked by a government official’s proposal to distribute condoms to inmates and guards. Why all the hub-bub, bub? Apparently our fine rasta men felt that distribution of condoms suggested that they were homosexuals. Officials as hoped that distribution of condoms would help control the spread of HIV, the virus believed to cause AIDS. Apparently the responsible fellows inside the jail don't share the government's concern. Those killed during the riot (caused when guards walked off the job, believing the distribution of condoms implied that they were homosexual) were all accused be other inmates of being gay... a greater crime to some, it would appear, than murder. A statement of apology to wardens, inmates and their families was issued by government officials, along with a promise that no condoms would be distributed in prisons.

Looking for a friendly place to visit during your holiday vacation? How about the Netherlands? Prompted by a desire to regulate prostitution, the country legalized brothels in early July of this year. Voluntary prostitution is now legal, allowing the police force to focus on coercive, abusive, and violent forms of prostitution and acts against minors. Prior to the July decision, prostitution had been legal, but brothels had not. Justice Minister Winnie Sorgdrager believes that the new system will enable authorities to better regulate the red light sector and improve the working conditions of prostitutes, and distancing them from the illegal trafficking of drugs and weapons. The Netherlands currently employs an estimated 30,000 sex industry workers, 40% of which are believed to be illegal immigrants working against their will. A further law being proposed would mandage tougher sentences on brothel keepers involved in forced prostitution or the exploitation of under-aged prostitutes. Maybe someday the U.S.A. will try something as sensible.

Tired of the seamy life your inflatable doll is leading you into? Then maybe you should meet Natasha or Stacy, just two customized love dolls distributed by Reactor (creators of the CD-ROM game, Virtual Valerie). Realdolls are realistic, posable, life-sized, fully functional love dolls made from silicon, which gives them pliable "skin" which retains heat. The dolls have a hard skeleton. Buyers can request head and body types, hair, skin and fingernail polish colors, as well as pubic hair styles. Dolls weigh in at approximately 110 pounds, making them far more like real women (a male doll is in the works) than their inflatable cousins. Special-effects artist and sculptor Matt McMullen posted photos of his innocent prototypes on the Internet and was immediately alerted to their erotic potential. Shortly thereafter he was contacted by Reactor. If you've got $4,000 to spend, check out the Realdoll web site at http://www.realdoll.com.

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