Carnal Knowledge 5.05

by Frank Faillace / E-MAIL:

It’s the time of year to seek out a good cocktail and an abusive relationship [ “abusive relationship?” isn’t that redundant? ] so with that in mind, me and some friends came up with the cover idea [ actually you all went out and got ripped... the only time you guys ever turned down a drink was when you misunderstood the question... ] The cover shot by Dan Reed– with a little help from yours truly and Shawn “fall guy” Weishaar and the stylist of superpornstars Rory– mixes a little James Bond and Quentin Tarantino... [ whatever... you just like chicks and guns... ] The beautiful blonde babe who posed for us is Michelle who you can see at Dancin’ Bare, Doc’s and Sassy’s on a regular basis.

Our first feature article this month is an in-depth look from different perspectives on the newly-released Boogie Nights by film critic D.K. Holm and our own lovely editress Theresa Reed (who was able to speak with Nina Hartley, [ she’s still got a great ass...] Ron Jeremy, Bill Margold and other prominent names in the porn industry on their views of the film). Then we have an interesting piece [ of ass? ] on the intertwined worlds of strippers and bands in B. Jone’s piece called Stripperock. We’ve also got a kinky peeping-tom kind of fiction called Prisoner of the Wasp Woman [ the woman in the story has a nice tight ass ] by Donald Spelvin, and a retrospective on the recent Living In Leather Conference by Darklady called It Hurts So Good. [ i think she got her ass whipped in this one... ] Some other new things in the mag this month is a review of the band King Black Acid’s latest release featuring music from the film Zig Zag (ask for it at your local video store) which stars our own favorite rock star Dan Reed. And, coincidentally enough, this month is the debut of our new sex and music column called Ritual by Mr. Reed... [ What is this the fucking Dan Reed issue? Everyone’s gonna think you’re sleeping together... ] Oh well. Don’t forget to see Dan Reed’s new band Planet Doom at Key Largo next month on December 12th and 13th.

Playing bartender last month my friends and I came up with a new drink. Kind of a cross between a screwdriver and a martini we called it a Porn Star [ ahh yes, the drink of pornographers everywhere... ] as a tribute to all of our friends in the biz. For the recipe, see page af (the back of the pull-out section) or better yet, tear it out and give it to your favorite bartender. Pretty sure they’ll catch on once Tammy and Ian (Sassy’s) and Marne, Andre, Brenda and Kris (Doc’s) start serving them....What’s the difference between a drunk and an alcoholic? Drunks don’t have to go to those fucking meetings... [ i think i need a few Porn Stars... ]

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