Seedy-Rom Revolutions 5.05

by Doc Wainwright

Ona Zee, Vol.1
PC & Mac

This disc is really terrific. Its focus is long-time gorgeous pornatrix Ona Zee, with a special emphasis on particularly good captures from some of her films.

There are hundreds of images, all of good size, resolution, and color depth, and all logo-free All images are in .GIF or .BMP format.

Okay, that’s the good news, now for the bad news. Well, it’s not really that bad, actually. This disc suffers a problem that I find is symptomatic of image collections in general – the image browser provided is a thorough drag. If you’ve got a favorite image viewer, I’d strongly recommend browsing the disc manually. Another issue is that this disc came out in 1995 and appears to cover an extremely narrow spectrum of her many, many films – in fact, the disc appears to only cover two or three years of her long and distinguished career. Of course, this is only volume one. Due to the limited number of films chosen, there are dozens of shots from a single film, and in many cases from a single scene. This seems neat at first, but after seeing Ona in the same room, with the same guy, in the same position, picture after picture after picture with the only significant change being that her head and upper body are in a slightly different position, I felt like the disc’s producer was trying to just fill up space. I would prefer to see fewer photos spanning a larger portion of her career, with greater variety. However, I suspect that hard-core Ona Zee fans will cherish each and every subtle photo; so perhaps this disc would best be appreciated by her most industrial fans.

On the whole, this is a terrific little photo album; if you are a person interested in Who’s Who of pornography, this is a superb resource on the subject of Ona – from A to Zee.

Fantasy Lifestyles, Vol. 1
PC & Mac

I just love these trashy sorts of image collections. This disc is a gargantuan cross-section of everything that’s been floating around the Internet and bulletin board systems for the past 10 years. It comes with an image viewer that, true to image collection tradition, sucks donkey dick, but aside from that, it’s got everything. We got your male-on-female, your female-on-male, your female-on-female, your male-on-male, your female-on-male-on-female, your male-on-female-on-male, your female-female-female... and so on.

The images are of good quality and size, indexed and sorted so you can zip right to your particular kink. They provide several image viewers so you can replace their piece o’crap with something infinitely more acceptable. There are also a number of early porno animations worth looking at just for chuckles. They’re only usable by using their DOS menu to launch and running the DOS menu in true DOS. Running these primitives under Windows 95 made my machine throw up its (metaphorical) hands, scream at a very high pitch, and go utterly black – not a happy thing. Give this baby a try if you’re old enough to remember (or want to learn about) the true roots of digi-porn.

(Thanks to Taboo Video for browse these selections.)

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