by Darklady:

It's National Gluttony Month again and there's plenty to be thankful for this autumn.

First off, the preliminaries for the northwest's largest dance contest ever, Miss Exotica 1998 begin this month. Wed. Nov. 12 at Club 205 in Portland, Thu Nov. 13th and Thu Nov. 20th at the Main Event in Salem, Wed Nov. 19 and Wed Nov. 26 at the Silver Dollar Club in Eugene. All starting times are at 9pm and contests are open to all dancers. A $10 registration fee must be done at the clubs involved or at Sweet Sensations in advance. Finals are the third week of January. Prizes include (so far) $15,000 in cash, $10,000 feature dancer contract, three trips to Hawaii, the cover of Exotic Magazine, a photo shoot for Northwest calendar, $500 in gift certificates to Sweet Sensations, and much, much more...

All you early morning dance enthusiasts will be glad to know that Doc’s Bar and Grill is now open at 7am. You can get a cup of Joe (doctored if it's your preference) with breakfast, take your chance with the state lottery. You can fill your eyes with a landscape of beautiful women starting at 10am. Now there's a reason to get up in the morning.

For those of us who won't be doing the turkey thang on Thanksgiving, Union Jacks, Jody's and Club Cabos are all open that day. While everyone else is stuffing themselves silly, we can go watch some much more appealing birds.

While we're on this bird theme, let me encourage you to not be a big chicken; visit Roosters on Friday nights for Double Chick Night. You'll get specials on 6pm untill 10pm as well as more breasts more often. And that ain't a bad thing! We're sorry to hear that Odell's not feeling like the Cock of the Walk right now and hope he's raising hell in the henhouse again soon.

Oregon must be having a pet population explosion because Eugene's Silver Dollar Club will be presenting the sparkling Penthouse Pet, Emerald Heart Wednesday and Thursday, November 5th and 6th and then giving us a flashback to warmer days with Penthouse Pet, Dakota Summers, Tuesday through Thursday the 18th through the 20th.

Not to be outdone in outreach to the animal loving community, Salem's

Main Event unleashes (oh, the puns hurt!) both clearly mammalian beauties on their fans. Friday and Saturday the 7th and 8th will find Emerald Heart prowling the stage, while Dakota Summers will be heating up the room on Friday and Saturday the 21st and 22nd. Is it hot in here or is it just you?

No, you haven't had too much to drink, Stars really is seeing double in November. You'll be able to feed your hunger (and your honey's) with two-for-one appetizers, a two-for-one taco bar (how do they fit themin these little glasses?), two-for-one Tuesday admission, and other doubly good specials all through the month. Then get ready to have bothyour eyes knocked out by Mindy and Mandy (aka Doublicious) November 17th through the 22nd. Give the club a call at (503) 222-STAR for exact showtimes.

The lingerie modeling shops are going high-tech and you are there. Yup, might as well lube yourself up good and slip through those phone wires to check out the local ladies and then go visit them in all three glorious dimensions. You'll find Private Pleasures on-line at and Scarlett Ribbons at

If you can't get out or aren't quite ready for the face-to-face lingerie experience, Scarlett Ribbons's models are available to purr in your ear with their new fantasy sex line at (503) 775-0163. Trust me... these gals give great phone.

She wasn't lost in cyberspace, but she is back where she belongs, so you can all breath easy again: Sheena's back at Palace of Pleasure. Drop by and let her know how much you missed her.

If you'd worried that you were going to wind up missing your favorite snacks after Halloween, fear no more! You'll find all the sweet treats from Sugars and Sugar Daddys in one location now: 13560 SE Powell. Remember to brush and floss after any meal.

Finally, there's a new kid on the block: Secret Rendevous lingerie modeling shop will give you something to be thankful for this month when it opens for business at 12503 SE Division Suite C. Tell Jenny and all her gorgeous friends we said "hello."

Fantasy Adult Video has a hunk of burning love to help rekindle the romance on these crisp autumn nights. Adult performer, Tom Chase, will be appearing live on November 15th from 5pm to 10pm at the Burnside Store. Yum!

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