by Philip Ray Simon

Grub Girl#1

Verotik's sexy, resilient, undead prostitute is back with her own continuing comic series! After her gory debut in the Verotika anthology, our sewn-together, raven-haired hooker walks and stalks all over 23 pages of disturbing, full-color humor. Creators Edward Lee and Simon Morse are experts at dark gore-humor, so expect to feel a sort of giddy nausea as you're led through this first installment of Grub Girl's origin story. This is definitely the zombie story that's never been told quite like this before.

A NASA/Air Force project turns our protagonist and several hundred other citizens, into undead "grubs." Before being snagged and experimented on in a government lab, Grub Girl turns trick after nasty trick. Since she'd undead, she can take all kinds of abuse and just stitches herself back together. This first issue is morbid and sickeningly fascinating. The artwork somehow makes grotesque sex and violence funny.

Venus Domina is a colorful, erotic horror series focusing on the supernatural life of the Venus Domina, a sex mistress with two rows of vaginas that run alongside her body. In issue three an angel comes to our strange dominatix with a briefcase full of money and a desire for pain and possible death. Venus Domina's fun (crucifying the angel with as many spikes as possible) ends when an emissary of Satan comes to Domina's lair, laying claim to the angel. What follows is a pitched battle between a naked demon and our freaky mistress. There's not much story here, but the art's slick in a stylized, Aeon Flux way, and the coloring's top notch.

Dee Dee #5
Eros Comics

Drawn in a style mimicking your favorite Archie and Betty and Veronica comics from your youth, Dee Dee is a sex spoof on these high-schoolin' heroes. In this issue, Lady Gorgon, an evil supervillain from the 4th dimension comes to Centerville and turns all males into mindless sex slaves. Dee Dee and her girls are pissed, 'cause they're not going to "get any." Gorgon and her pal Delilah are set to make life a hormonal hell for all women in Centerville. It seems like they forgot one male, though. A geeky science boy, Clayton, manages to turn Dee Dee and friends (a sort of oversexed Josie and the Pussycats menagerie) into superheroines, equipped with standard flying and super-strength powers and the additional ability to grow major super penises. What these ladies do with their super penises is what saves Centerville from the 4th dimension baddies.

(You'll find all of these comics at Bad Kitty. I know I did.)

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