By Martine Duplessis

If you, like many, have despaired of ever getting it on with the supermodel variety female, you may now have a viable alternative in REALDOLL. At you can view photos of “the world’s finest love doll.”

These dolls are almost frighteningly realistic and do resemble the model-girls seen in magazines and late-night TV. Their skintones, hair, expressions and poseable limbs are extremely lifelike. REALDOLLs are made entirely of silicone over an articulated (standard or poser) skeleton. The site advertises that “REALDOLLs vaginal and anal cavities are made snug to accommodate any insertion,” although the effect "... is strongest in REALDOLL's oral cavity,” and anal and oral entry are optional, orderable items. The dolls are advertised to “... have the poise and relaxed state of a sleeping girl.” (Necrophilia anyone?) Currently there are five models available: Leah, Stacy, Nina, Natasha, and Julie, in two basic sizes. The short one is 5’2”, 100 pounds and the tall one is 5’7”, 115 pounds.

The purchaser may specify among many options in skin tone (including Asian and African-American), hair color, pubic hair style and more. Price ranges from $3999 to $4499. And judging from the ecstatic e-mail from happy customers, these dolls deliver. No returns accepted.

But if you’d prefer live women, albeit on the computer screen, check out The City: The Ultimate Asian Site at It loads fast and the screens are as colorful and busy as the neon in a blue-light district. Individual women are profiled, such as Alice Minami in Alice Minami’s Sweet Life. A bio and measurements, including shoe size and blood type (!) are included as well as pictures, and video clips. Other intriguing titles are What’s a Schoolgirl, Girl Hunting Paradise DX, and Tokyo Loose Housewife Map.

A story before bedtime? At you can make your own bedtime stories with the help of hyperlinked text. Starting with a picture of a girl (a mannequin), and a scenario, you choose the action to continue the story. Just like in real life, each action has a consequence, so you land on a different screen (with accompanying photo) depending on what you did before. And unlike real life you can easily back out of a bad choice and return to the previous screen. The stories are cute, if a little redundant. It’s interesting to consider whether they’re taking the opportunity to train us in politically correct behavior by rewarding certain actions with happy results. I’ll let you make the call on that one.

But enough already with the girls. For those of another persuasion, mosey on over to for Hot Aussie Males. This site, designed and updated weekly by Ron, offers up a cornucopia of boy pics. You can choose from Young Surfie Guys to Young Blond Males to a plethora of unabashed cock photos. The only caveat: an annoying Java script over-18 confirmation message that pops up every time (every time) you navigate to another picture.

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