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Kumi is an Irish/Korean girl who transforms intoNeko Kim when performing as a latex clad dominatrix. In last month's Exotica, DK Holm got worked up over Neko Kim in his ecstatic review of the David Clark film, Asianatrix: Suffering Eternal. And this month, Kumi/Neko makes the jump from ink inside the magazine to landing SPLAT! on the windshield of our cover, in a photo shot by Steve Diet Goedde. (Tell 'em about the part that she's bald and the way the pervy latex clings to all her curvy places. There's nothing like the smell of latex in the morning; it smells like... like victory.)

Kumi describes Asianatrix as "having a yellow fever kind of appeal." Which means guys getting the hots for anything Asian. But then she warns that "yellow fever turns into malaria," whatever that means. The epic length film (that's good for guys with yellow fever/not so good for the rest of us) was shot upstairs at the Power Exchange -- a consenting adults SM warehouse in Sin Francisco.

According to Kumi, they used enough dry ice to start another ice age as the entire warehouse had to be filled with fog just for their shots on the second floor. Other than that, she had fun doing Asianatrix, where she got to beat up on the Japanese porn star, Suzi Suzuki ( and Jade Blue Eclipse -- an SF fetish/SM performer like Kumi. In one scene towards the end, Kumi was attaching clothes pins to Jade Blue's labia while Jade was held captive in a chair. The ever-playful Kumi was given the direction to flare an evil look while she was administering the clothes pin torture. Well, Kumi's trying-to-look-evil face completely cracked up Jade Blue and they spent the rest of the scene trying to control their outbursts of hysterical laughter in what was supposed to be a heavy, dark scene.

Then there was Suzi Suzuki's manager hovering nearby while Kumi was trying to carry out a caning on Suzi's big butt. He was all bent-out that Kumi was going to actually hurt his star (I thought that was the idea?). As a result, Kumi could barely tap Suzi's generous buttocks, resulting in the scene lacking the necessary heat and conviction. (If you want to see subs take a serious licking, try Kim Wylde's On the Edge series or the Red Board videos -- where the venerable Jamie Gillis likes to grovel these days.) Not that Kumi was dying to smack the heck out of a Japanese porn star's butt. What Kumi really enjoys is the fetish aspect and getting all dressed up with some place to go.

Recently, Kumi has appeared at the Trocadero`s Bondage A-Go-Go happening every Wednesday night. She savors doing whipped cream shows where she squirts the tasty, sweet foam on her latex clad breasts, then smooshes herself upon the face of some audience member, invited onstage. Of course, the hard-core subs are panting, "please, smoosh me!" But Kumi wants to coax the bridge and tunnel guys (Joe Blow suburbia who takes the tunnel or the bridge into San Francisco) up onstage and humiliate them in front of their hooting and hollering friends. For Kumi, that's entertainment.

(What about her bald head? You're afraid to talk about it... afraid people might see you have a thing for women with shaved heads... You fucking Nazi perv mama's boy.)

Kumi started at stripping in 1992 at the Roaring 20’s in North Beach, then moved on to the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrel Theratre. The respectable wages and tips there helped her fill up her closet with the necessary leather and latex to make the scene and get some work as a fetish model/performer. When it comes to pervy clothes, latex is her first love. "Sometimes I dress up just to run around the house, do the dishes," she said. Her only complaints about the latex are: it's a bitch to get on and it tears easily. So when that happens, pulling on her latex stockings and getting a snag, she peels them off and applies a little patch from her tube repair kit -- an essential for latex lovers. Now the latex is ready to be inflated with her flesh again without tearing to pieces. She likes the liquid latex, but not the pain of peeling it off. She advises a double coating of lubriderm under the liquid latex. For those of you who follow HBO's "Sex Bytes," Kumi was featured in a segment called "Latex Wedding," where she was dressed, or undressed, in lavish purple liquid latex.

Although the latex holds a mild erotic appeal for her, mostly she's into it for the look. Kumi has a variety of regular dresses, skirts, halter tops, and pants in bright latex colors that she wears out in the mainstream, away from the SM/fetish scene. For example, she frequently wears her latex fashions to the DNA Lounge -- a very straight and hetero dance club -- where she works weekends as a cashier.

Now that Kumi's Mitchell Brothers dancing days are over -- she just got tired of being a stripper -- Kumi is starting classes at the Academy of Arts. There she hopes to learn how to create video games -- her other love. "I just decided it was time to get more serious about my life... but not too serious. I don't want to wind up working nine to five or anything like that," she said about her complete change of career from latex sex diva to computer graphics designer. "I'm still going to get dressed up and do shows or photo shoots on the side. But that will have to revolve around school instead of the other way around."

And then I finally asked her why she decided to go bald. To which she quipped, "No money on hair products and I can change my look just like that." Speaking of wigs, one of her favorite looks is wearing a hooded latex cape with the shock of a platinum blonde pony tail wagging out the side.

(And then you ripped her wig off and succumbed to your twisted needs for her shaved head and...)

Kumi's next photo appearance will be shots by Steve Diet Goedde in this month's Marquis magazine. More Steve Diet Goedde photos of Kumi can be found by surfing to (Mistress Midori's site), going to links and clicking on Steven Goedde. This month's cover photo first appeared in the oversized, ultra-hip Italian photo magazine, Zoom. Kumi bragged that "my photo is bigger than Brad Pitt's," appearing in the same issue.

(Yeah, but Brad Pitt doesn't wear latex or shave his head so who cares?)

As far as the SM scene goes, Kumi is tired of the tediousness and the shock-o-rama one-up-man-ship. About the new craze, bloodletting, forget it. She wonders where people are going to draw the line. First it was tattoos, then it was piercing, and on to scarification. "What's going to be next, amputation?" she chided. "Wow, isn't it cool; he doesn't have any legs," she mocked, taking the body modification craze one step beyond. In spite of Kumi's love of latex, fondness for whipped cream shows and playing around in SM videos, she's got a level head on her shoulders.

(Yeah. A level bald head. Actually, it's a very nicely rounded bald head. And you wanna touch it... just touch it.)

In the it's-so-serious world of SM/fetish, Kumi's cavalier attitude is refreshing. Kumi reminds us that SM is really just people playing dress-up and acting out roles; it's not much different than theater. And she admits she's not very good at the acting part. But that won't make any difference when she's designing the next Nintendo game.

(I don't care what she does, as long as she keeps shaving her head.)

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