Seedy-Rom Revolutions 5.07

by Doc Wainwright

XXX-Treme I & II
PC & Mac

These two discs, lent to me by the good graces of Taboo Video, contain between them 1300 megabytes of still-picture smut.

These two volumes are really interesting for several reasons. The first is that while it's currently a very popular advertising gimmick to thunder triumphantly “Over 650MB of pictographic poon-tang!” or something similar, they rarely come even remotely close to completely filling an entire CD-ROM with flesh-colored goodness. Not these guys, though – each CD-ROM holds 649.9999 megabytes, and not an iota less. Another reason these discs are quite cool is the way the images have been processed. Each has been skillfully reduced to 256 colors, while preserving the look and feel of a higher-quality image. The discs are respectably well sorted, as well. A little poking around will reveal a subdirectory full of group shots, another full of male-on-female oral fun, another full of female-on-male oral fun, and so on and so on. (The second volume is slightly better sorted than the first – the first volume’s filenames are totally ambiguous.)

There are two viewers provided for examining the images, and I’m afraid I can’t recommend them terrifically highly. They are solid, public-domain stuff good for displaying a single image with a good color mapping; the big problem is that neither of them has an obvious way of displaying an entire subdirectory as a slideshow. Also, this disc appears to leave Macintosh users in the dust, with no software provided – though I think if you’ve got a favorite image viewer installed on your Mac you might be able to enjoy the benefits of this collection anyway.

One of the better image collections I’ve had the privilege of seeing – well worth a rental or purchase. Just don’t get anything gooey on your keyboard as you enjoy it. :)

Dada House
Rom Antics
PC & Mac

Salvador Dali once said, "The difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad." I think he was being overly optimistic, personally. But if his work and that of other early 20th century Dada artists inspired this CD-ROM, I'm not going to argue. Our host, Simon, doesn't tell us much (except what time cocktails and dinner are) but his house sure is interesting. You must investigate each room (after solving a puzzle) before being allowed to go back downstairs. Each room contains some racy soft-core video gossip about other guests and how... close (and sometimes kinky) they are to one another.

Make it far enough through the game and you can continue on at the Dadahouse web site.

This is a great disc in general, but especially for couples... in fact, one of the male characters even addresses an unseen female game player at one point when he tells her she looks beautiful.

( You can find these discs at Taboo Video... we did.)

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