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Well, it's the first month of a new year, long past time to start breaking those New Year's resolutions you vowed under the effect of alcohol or spousal/familial guilt. Whether you vowed to stay out of, or spend more time in, adult venues... let me provide you with some options.

I've had a lot of requests for info on the Miss Exotica `97 Dance Contest so here's the January schedule, kids: Silver Dollar in Eugene on Wednesday the 7th and the 14th. The Main Event in Salem on Thursday the 8th and Friday the 16th. Club 205 in Portland on Thursday the 15th. Semi-Finals will be held at Club 205 on Wednesday the 21st and the Main Event on Thursday the 22nd with Finals at the Silver Dollar on Saturday the 24th. The winner gets $3000 cash. Finalists (among other delightful things like 3 trips to Hawaii) be photographed by David N. Fizzelle who won the 1996 National Calendar Association gold metal for "Best Glamour Photography" both nationally and internationally. Which means, I believe, that he's pretty darn good.

Scores is holding the first round of its 12 week Dancer of the Year Contest on Saturday, January 3rd. Each week there will be prizes, with the grand prize being a Caribbean cruise. Second prize is three days and two nights in Cabo San Lucas and third prize is three days and two nights in Las Vegas. They all sound warm.

The lovely Elizabeth Hilden will be performing at the 18 and over Scores from January 7 - 10... so you've got yet another excuse to take advantage of their hospitality.

If you're a kinky person who's been naughty and you're looking for a place to meet (and beat?) people, you can start the new year by attending a play party at the new Pacific Power Exchange building in Portland at 1000 SE 12th. The parties, on January 10th and 31st, begin at 7:30pm and run until 2am. Cover charge is $15 for one person, $20 for a couple, and $10 for anyone accompanying a couple. If you have any questions, you can call Fire and Ice at 1-800-577-7468, extension 3094134. Remember: safe, sane and consensual, kids.

The scrumptious Lisa Ann, adult video and magazine sensation, will be testing how much your mouth can water when she appears at Stars Cabaret from January 21 - 24. The only tasty morsels at Stars are not being cooked up in the kitchen... they're also heating up the stage.

Roosters has two special feature dancers this month: Mystery Woman on Wednesday the 14th (I love mysteries!) and the peachy keen Lara Lee on Wednesday the 28th.

Everyone knows it's Windy Leigh appearing throughout the state of Oregon this month. The lovely 1997 Miss Exotic USA will be local to Portland on Wednesday the 21st for two shows at Club 205, then she heads south (like all smart birds) to Salem's Main Event for two shows on Thursday the 22nd and four shows on Friday the 23rd. But wait! There's more! She rounds out her trip with four shows (including a lunch show) at Eugene's Silver Dollar on Saturday the 24th.

Looking for some amateur action? Check out Dooleys' Amateur Night, January 31st. I love these things! You never know when you're going to get to be one of the first to see the newest dance sensation... then years down the road you can look unimpressed when she drives past in her gold-plated Rolls because you "knew her when she was just beginning."

Miss Mona, I love you. And Teresa Dulce and Viva Las Vegas and... Gosh, I'm just so full of love this year I think I'll get sick. Or maybe I'll just satisfy my addiction to these ladies at Union Jacks on the 31st by attending their Blue Night. There's a puny four dollar cover charge and Elvis and Priscilla Presley will be hosting the event (didn't he just serve me a Slurpy the other night?) and if you wear some blue suede shoes, you get a special prize! (Trivia note: Elvis never had a pair of blue suede shoes.)

For those of you who've been wondering how that holiday party at CJ's went in December, they raised over $1000 to benefit local children's charities. Good show! Starting the 19th of this month, CJ's opens at 7am for you early birds.

Pop-a-Top is also opening early now. You can come in out of the cold at 10am daily.

Another delicious change around town is the new menu at Sassy's. It's bigger and better than ever (this is possible?) and includes a five dollar steak special. Now you have no excuse not to take the little lady out to dinner.

If you're a little strapped for cash after the holidays but still want to contribute to the cause, the Backswing has a deal for you. Tightwad Tuesday features five dollar table dances all day long! Now you can help those lovely ladies through med school while you study anatomy, all for a low, low price. Isn't the spirit of giving beautiful?

Think men are too big and butch to play with dolls? Well, Private Pleasures is out to show you different. They've started their "Living Dolls" series with Jenny, the Cop. "Collect" all seven and win 1/2 off a session. Be the first on your block to have the full set!

Sugar Daddys has had a prosperous year and is thanking their patrons with $19.95 shows this month! Give them a call or drop by for details.

Been looking for a cheap pair of lovelies? Cathies is the place to shop this month. All "pairs" are 1/3 off. That includes gloves, stockings, and shoes.

Congratulations to Rod Rosean, Fantasy Video's new president of Oregon Entertainment. Good luck in the coming year. We'll be watching. (Get it? Video... watching... Look, it was a rough New Year's Eve party, okay?)

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