by Darklady:

Self-identified evangelist, Kurtis Machholz doesn't deny he repeatedly rode his horse through a crowd at the 1995 National Coming Out Day rally... but he doesn't think it constitutes stalking or a hate crime. In oral arguments heard in the Minnesota Supreme Court, Machholz admitted he tried to break up the rally, used a rope to pull down a sign at the event, and shouted that the participants were “going against God’s will,” were bound for hell, and were responsible for AIDS and the corruption of children. But, according to Machlolz, these are all protected by the First Amentment. Wonder how enthusiastic he'd feel about a lesbigay rally doing the same thing to a church picnic? The holy man promises to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court should the state high court rule against him.

The Miami University in Oxford,Ohio has a new student organization. The Miami U. Masturbation Society, a co-ed group is now sanctioned to meet on campus. The head of the group, Jason Pfaff, said this victory will be celebrated with a mixer called the Bring Your Own Kleenex Dance. No word on whether the trend will move to other colleges, resulting in competitions and award ceremonies.

It was just another day walking to work in Redonda, CA, for Myoko Kona when a man she thought was be a gentleman pulled over and asked her for directions. The van driver thanked her by whipping out his manly equipment and giving it a few friendly tugs. Hope he was smiling, because Kona was carrying a camera... which she used to capture the moment for the police's enjoyment. However much he liked being made a film start, Jimmy Jewell probably wasn't smiling when the judge gave him two years in the slammer for indecent exposure. Kona may have a brilliant future in photo-journalism. In spite of all the... er... excitement, she was able to also snap pictures of Jewell's license plate, even though he was trying to run her over by then. She dove into the bushes, he split, and Officer Friendly gave him a tour of the local jail a few hours later. Wonder if his family would like copies ?

The latest love fad in Japan is bloody serious. Compatability based on... blood type. Do you have type A blood? According to the newest in matchmaking "science," that means you're an uptight nitpicker. Folks with type B blood are free-wheeling and sloppy, while type O's are motivated leaders. People with AB blood are creative, although an array of contradictions. Medical experts continue to insist that there is no connection between blood type and personality, but the modern supersition has gained enough popularity to spawn blood-type matchmaking services. About 40% of Japanese have type A blood, 30% have O, 20% have B, and 10% have AB. The Irish-American editor of this magazine has O. You decide.

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