Boot fetishists who did not live before the revolution in contemporary footwear cannot know the sweetness of life today. This season there are boots everywhere. Seemingly every woman on the streets is embooted, and they are all great boots: black, thick, tight, shiny, sexy.

On Saturday, November 8th at 5:30 pm, I saw a brunette with tight high black boots, lingering with friends in front of me so I could ogle her boots. On Sunday, November 9th, at 2:30 pm, I espied a Russian looking blonde, with her mother, wearing a white top, a black skirt and stockings, and tight high black boots. On Monday, November 10th, at 4:15 pm, I caught a blonde with long hair, big lips, a brown skirt and stockings, and big platform boots. On Friday the 14th, standing next to me in a small bookstore was a petite brunette with flamboyant clothes, not the least of which were her bright red platform boots with buckles and holes in the side so that one could see her flesh. Later that day, at 5:15 I spotted a blonde in yellow plaid pants tucked into her black boots.

Boot crazy!

On Thursday, November 20th I was at a movie and the woman across the aisle from me was a high class dame in a short dress, with bare legs tucked into brown zip up boots. I could see them flickering in the light off the screen throughout the movie. Also in the theater was a blue-haired girl with a short skirt and black boots. When she was walking up the aisle her boots came within inches of my face.

On Friday the 21st, at 1:55 pm at SW Park and Washington I passed by a petite strawberry blonde walking west, wearing cute glasses, a red scarf, a gray wool skirt, black stockings, and – finally – big bulky Johnny Sole boots to die for. I saw her again on Tuesday December 9th as I was dashing to catch the train downtown.

Then I caught the creme de la creme of these boot sightings. On Tuesday, November 25th, at 4:45 pm, I saw a boot woman leave Pioneer Place. I was on the bus. I leapt off at the next stop. Luck was with me. She was walking south on Fifth toward me. She passed and I followed her down Fifth, past Taylor. Her head was covered in a white cotton hat, she had a brown leather jacket and a dark skirt, and another pair of those tight but bulky, high Johnny Sole boots. Between boot and skirt I saw the best pair of legs I had seen in a long time. I followed her up the street discretely for a few blocks, yearning for her, afraid to introduce myself. I now regret not following her further. But, feeling like a creep, I turned off and went about my business.

But I reached the culmination of this boot obsession on Sunday, November 16, when I went to a fetish party, and spotted the boot goddess of my dreams. She arrived around 8 o’clock, her body hidden behind the barricade of a long red coat. I detected that she had boots, for they peeked out from below the coat. And I could see that they were the best boots at the party. They were tall black platform boots with delicious heels. When she removed her coat, I was stunned. Not only did she have the best boots in the house, she were also the most beautiful women there. I vowed that I would not let this opportunity pass. That I would somehow find out about, and actually meet this boot goddess.

To Be Continued...

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