1998... New, new, and new... Perhaps fresh new pussy and exciting new dick are your new year's resolution. All of that can be really great in and of itself. However: who they are attached to usually does make a difference.

What makes sex really hot and really good?

Chances are that, at this moment, the physical aspects of your favorite fantasy are literally shooting through your mind. Delicious morsels like plump nipples, tight-shaved pussies, firm butts, thick-headed cocks, multiple partners, low hanging balls... You get the picture. I need a cold shower! Ooooooo!

I don't want to sound too "gooey" or too metaphysical when I say that the "sexual energy" or chemistry between two people may not be tangible, but it's none-the-less a real phenomenon! That special heat is what makes the routine act of fucking turn into a fabulous, frenzied fuck-festival. When two (or more) people's sexual centers mesh, the experience can almost be beyond their physical body. It can turn into an esoteric orgasm!

If that concept is a little too "out there" for you, let's move to another aspect of what makes sex good. I feel that most readers would agree that sex without emotional baggage acting as an interference between the partner's makes sex better. Unfortunately, that garbage is what easily happens to long-term partners. By "emotional baggage" I mean stuff like: anger, resentments, financial stresses, medical or physical problems, child rearing, house cleaning, pet peeves, or just pets period... moodiness, relatives, unmatched libidos, and on and on.

All of these distractions, dysfunctions, and irritants can ruin sex. Ugh! This is when a new sexual partner(s) can come on the scene (usually in the form of an affair). The excitement is uninhibited passion, heat, sex, and getting off, void of all the mundane crap. Hooray!

Some people think that chemicals can enhance and/or produce great sex. Usually that is not the case. For instance, most narcotics leave you impotent, unable to come, or with a compromised libido. I know many guys who use cocaine during sex. Yes, it can keep the penis hard and numb. That will help them last longer, but their partners claim that it does not make them better lovers. Often both partners are disappointed because the rigid digit will not ejaculate! Then there is the other side of the coin. Can you have great sex with a dick that won't get hard? (At least on its own.) Nowadays there are a couple compounds around which produce a rock-hard erection when injected directly into the penis. A chemical called papervine was used for that purpose. It has recently been replaced by a type of prostaglandin which a man simply lets drip into his peehole a few minutes before he needs an erection. No injection! There are also oral prescription drugs which help some men get hard. One is yohimbine, a tropical native of Africa. It is occasionally available at health food stores and exotic love shops without a prescription. Some men on antidepressants find it helpful for medication-related ejaculation problems.

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned forms of assistance, consult a urologist. In spite of all the chemicals, sex toys, love stimulants, lotions, and attachments... never underestimate the role of the mind in determining what does and doesn't make you experience great sex.

Happy New Year! Love ya, Snickers. (503) 727-2491.

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