By Martine Duplessis There are a few things that the web seems most perfectly suited for, like on-line ordering and advice columns. What better way to ask your (potentially) embarrassing question and get educated all while staying blissfully anonymous (or semi-anonymous anyway–don’t forget you are still linked to your login name on some machine in the computer universe)? The grand dame of the sexual advice givers would be Dan Savage. Savage, a frankly gay man (many of his letters begin “hey faggot”) who operates out of Seattle has a unique style of advice giving. He is blunt, direct, and terribly, terribly opinionated. His column is nationally syndicated and may be found in print media from the Village Voice to Seattle’s The Stranger. (Locally, his column runs in the bi-monthly free paper PDXS.) His web page is at, and includes columns, real audio from his radio show (radio show!?), and of course, a way to ask Dan the man your question via e-mail. For gay or gay curious sex advice, head over to Patrick’s “How-To” Sex Guide at This helpful page illustrates rimming and other practices that you may have idly wondered about. Another gay-oriented site worth mentioning is Ask Papa. No, it’s not about incest, it’s the “Gay version of Dear Abby.” This site is intended for the gay, lesbian, and transgendered community. Visit it at One of the best advice sites is The Couch at The “columns” section is where all the questions are, and these columnists kindly include some very interesting links in their answers. Links to things like The International Society for the Practice of Cunnilingus (\ispac.htm), the Erotic Asphyxiation Page (http://weber/ and the Anal Sex FAQ ( This site also features a chat room and old, archived columns. To get sex advice that you know is coming from an expert, check in with This is the, written by Andrea Nemerson, who is by day a trainer for phone volunteers at the San Francisco Sex Information line. Andrea herself estimates that she has answered around 2,000 calls from the curious, and offers her expertise to the web population on her site. Two other sites worth mentioning are Aunt Squishy (“Your internet sex advice columnist”) at This individual, who prefers to remain anonymous, (but claims a psychology degree on her bio page) has some good questions and answers nevertheless. For example, what is the normal angle an erect penis should make with the earth? Unfortunately, Aunt Squishy’s site seems to be a little out of date, but could be worth keeping an eye on. And finally, there’s Ask Eve at Eve’s archives include some intriguing topics. For example, how big is big, cock rings, role playing and anal desires.

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